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Key Takeaways

  • The average cost of Concord full coverage car insurance is $939.
  • With an average annual premium of $792, Progressive is the cheapest choice for most Concord drivers.
  • com is here to make purchasing auto insurance more accessible than ever before.

How much does car insurance cost in Concord?

Concord, the county seat and largest city in Contra Costa County, hosts an annual farmers market and the Concord Jazz Festival.

The cost of auto insurance, whether you purchase only the bare minimum required by law in your state or go all out with comprehensive collision coverage, is heavily influenced by the laws and regulations of the state where you reside.

You're lucky if you are looking for the best and most affordable auto insurance in Concord. Our team of specialists at created this information for you after researching the top Concord auto insurance providers.

The average cost of Concord full coverage car insurance is $939. However, your rates will differ based on your age, driving history, and the level of coverage you choose. is the first great app for auto owners, and it is your key to finding the best insurance rates and policies for your car in New Hampshire.

Whether you choose a full-coverage policy with comprehensive and collision insurance or stick to your state's minimum liability limits, your home state significantly impacts the cost of your financial protection against car-related charges.

Full coverage insurance costs more than the legally required minimum and covers damage to your automobile and other drivers' cars. Compare quotes from other companies to see if you can reduce your rate.

You can use the following information to uncover Concord's top auto insurance providers. Additionally, it provides details on insurance providers with good customer satisfaction ratings and their corresponding insurance premiums for your particular needs and circumstances. is here to make purchasing auto insurance more accessible than ever before. Signing up takes 45 seconds, and will compare bids to find you the best coverage. Read on to find out how much you can expect to pay in Concord, depending on your marital status, age, credit score, and other factors.

Concord rates vs. New Hampshire vs. National Average

Concord Average (annual) New Hampshire Average United States Average
$939 $880 $1557

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Concord Auto Insurance Premiums by Company

The most affordable car insurance provider in Concord for 2022, according to a study by, is Progressive. With an average annual premium of $792, Progressive is the cheapest choice for most Concord drivers.

The cost of car insurance in Concord may vary depending on your location, driving history, level of coverage, and the insurance provider you select. Make sure to compare rates from other providers to obtain the best deal.

The following businesses are recognized for providing Concord's most affordable car insurance rates.

Comparing rates is the best strategy for obtaining a low one. Sound tiresome? The app can do it in a flash, saving you time and money while providing you with the best coverage possible.

You will receive a better bargain from one insurance than another for various reasons, which is why comparing is crucial. Different insurers will provide you with better rates than others based on various criteria.

Don't forget to get personalized quotes to match your driving history.

Insurance Company Average Rate (annual)
Progressive $792
Nationwide $831
State Farm $861
Allstate $1491

Concord Auto Insurance Premiums by Age Group

State Farm offers the cheapest young driver car insurance in Concord. The average yearly cost for full coverage for Concord drivers is $1554. Unfortunately, young drivers are classified as high-risk drivers by insurance companies, so their insurance premiums are higher.

When drivers are in their 30s, car insurance prices are significantly lower than in their 20s. Progressive offers the most affordable car insurance rates in Concord for licensed adults. A full coverage auto insurance policy costs $723 a year on average.

Consider purchasing insurance from State Farm if you are a senior driver in Concord seeking a low-cost auto insurance provider. With an average yearly cost of $891, it is the most affordable auto insurance provider for elderly drivers.

Age tier Average Yearly Rate
20s $1554
30s $723
60s $891

Concord Auto Insurance Premiums by Gender

In Concord, New Hampshire, a woman can expect to pay an average of $1245 annually for auto insurance. But, according to's study of rates for 2022, men drivers will pay $1248 annually, or $3 more than female drivers.

Statistically speaking, women are safer drivers than men. In addition, due to a lower incidence of major accidents, women typically pay less for auto insurance than males.

Gender Average Annual Rate
Female $1245
Male $1248

Concord Auto Insurance Premiums by Driving Record

By driver profile, auto insurance premiums in Concord vary. For example, car insurance premiums are likely higher for drivers with a history of collisions or fines than for those who have never had any moving offenses.

It's crucial to compare prices from several companies in Concord to discover the cheapest auto insurance policy. You can do this to locate the offer that best suits your requirements and price range.

For Concord drivers who have received a speeding citation, United offers the most affordable auto insurance prices. For around $1068 a year, it offers full coverage auto insurance to drivers under the age of thirty.

Do not forget that the cheapest auto insurance provider for you might not be the same as the provider for someone else. Therefore, compare prices from different providers to discover the best deal. Doing this lets, you identify the insurance provider that provides the greatest terms and coverage for your particular need.

State Farm offers the most affordable auto insurance for drivers with a history of accidents. The average cost for a Concord motorist who causes an accident is $1359. Finding a provider with reasonable rates that won't break the bank is essential if you've already been in an accident.

The company that provides affordable auto insurance rates in Concord for drivers with DUIs is Progressive. It costs $1338 on average yearly for complete coverage. Your auto insurance rates will probably increase if you are guilty of a DUI. However, shopping about and comparing prices from other insurers is one approach to discovering an affordable insurance plan.

State Farm offers the most affordable auto insurance prices for Concord drivers who have received a speeding citation. For around $1068 a year, it offers full coverage auto insurance to drivers under the age of thirty.

Do not forget that the cheapest auto insurance provider for you might not be the same as the provider for someone else. So compare prices from different providers to discover the best deal. Doing this lets, you identify the insurance provider that provides the greatest terms and coverage for your particular need.

Incident/Violation Average Yearly Rate
DUI/DWI $1338
At-fault Accident $1359
Speeding Ticket $1068

Concord Auto Insurance Premiums by Credit Rating

Your credit score is one aspect that contributes to the overall cost of auto insurance. Insurers look at your payment history to determine if you have a history of making payments on time.

Nationwide offers the most affordable car insurance rates for drivers with bad credit. It charges roughly $1752 a year for auto insurance for Concord drivers.

Credit Score Average Yearly Rate
Very Poor $1752
Good $939

Concord Auto Insurance Premiums by ZIP Code

We've been talking about"drivers in Concord" as if everyone sees the same prices, but your rate can vary by zip code, making it conceivable to have a completely different rate from your neighbor two blocks away.

Why? The obvious reasons are injury and property crimes. Perhaps you're in a high-crime area or near a dangerous highway because of your address. There is a noticeable difference in auto insurance costs between the 03301 and 03303 areas of Concord, with the former having significantly higher premiums than the latter.

Depending on your particular zip code, car insurance rates within the same state can vary greatly. In addition, your city's demographics, such as population density, average age, and accident rate, will determine whether your car insurance rates are much higher or lower than those in a nearby city.

Do you want to look into typical prices for your area? Then, check out the detailed explanation down below.

Zip Codes Annual Premium
3303 $1476
3301 $1152
03305 $612

What would increase your Car Insurance Rate in Concord

Let's examine the factors contributing to Concord's high auto insurance premiums. First, the minimal amount of insurance required by most states is called"liability," It pays for damage to other vehicles and medical bills for other drivers in the event of an accident.

Repairs to your car that are not the result of a collision are covered by comprehensive insurance (e.g., vandalism, natural disasters, or theft). However, if your car is damaged in a collision with another vehicle or a fixed object, your collision insurance will pay for the necessary repairs.

Is there a minimum liability coverage amount for cars in New Hampshire?

Though insurance is not mandated by law in New Hampshire, drivers are advised to abide by the 25/50 rule. You should carry at least $25,000 in bodily injury liability per injured individual and $50,000 in total accident coverage.

Of course, meeting even those basic standards won't guarantee you won't be in breach. For example, if you or anybody else in your car is seriously hurt in an accident or if your car experiences extensive damage, the bare minimum of insurance required by your state may not be enough to pay your costs.

This is why it's recommended that you get more insurance than the law mandates. Liability coverage, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage are the standard components of so-called"full coverage" policies.

In addition, you can look into optional extras tailored to your specific demands, driving history, and car. For example, participate in a great deal of driving on obscure side roads? Coverage for towing and labor costs could help you get out of a jam.

Are you employed at a car service company? Then, ridesharing insurance is something you should look into. You can get additional coverage if your car has a high-end audio system.

Get in touch with car insurance agents in Concord to help you get the right car insurance quotes. If you are unsure of approaching agents, log on to App. offers reliable estimates from more than 130 of the industry's leading insurance companies to make auto insurance comparison easier.

Auto Theft Statistics in Concord

Concord, New Hampshire, has a 2019 crime rate of 148, 1.8 times lower than the national average. However, it was greater than in 55.8% of American municipalities. According to preliminary data, the 2019 crime rate in Concord is 16% lower than the 2018 figure.

There were46 auto thefts in Concord in 2019. Auto theft decreased by 0.3% in 2018 to 78.94 per 100,000 residents compared to 2017.

Accidents Statistics in Concord

Historically, fatal accidents in Concord are a rare event. Since the pandemic started, however, road safety has declined across the country.

The alarming nationwide trend seen in fatal car accidents this year has been mirrored in Concord. This year there have been 48 fatal car accidents in Concord, a 23% rise from last year.

There have been 50 fatalities thus far, an increase of over 14%.

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Tips for Driving in Concord, New Hampshire

Roads will be shared by cyclists, pedestrians, and skateboarders again this spring. So here are some terrific safety pointers from to remember whether you're riding through calm neighborhoods or bustling freeways.

Put your safety first. Here are seven easy things you can do daily to avoid becoming a statistic on the highway.

No Talking over Phone: We know you already know this, but putting away your phone reminds us that many of us are still guilty of doing it. Place your phone in an inconvenient spot and fight the urge to check it while behind the wheel. The eyes of your children are on you as you drive. Sooner or later, they'll be behind the wheel. Instruct them properly; put down the phone.

Safety Belt: Always use a safety belt, and make sure your children do the same, whether they are still in a car seat or booster or can use a regular seat belt on their own. Kids typically need to grow to be at least 4 feet, 9 inches tall, or older than ten years of age before they can safely use an adult seat belt.

Stay awake: Avoid driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs that make you drowsy. It's not worth the risk to get behind the wheel, even if you think you're fine.

Give way: Please be courteous and give bikes and pedestrians room and respect on the road. It may not feel like it now, but spring is just around the corner. Always yield to pedestrians and reduce your speed to accommodate young people traveling on bicycles or skateboards. The mothers will appreciate that very much.

Avoid Road Rage: Don't be a jerk on the road and drive aggressively. Leave a few minutes early and calm down. Speed kills. The danger of an accident increases significantly for every mile per hour over the posted limit. Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you; every 10 miles per hour equals one car length. Are you doing 60 miles per hour? Keep at least six car widths of space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.

Drive Defensively: Take precautions and drive defensively. Being confined in a moving metal box can make you agitated, but maintaining control of your vehicle is essential. If you have children in the car with you, take a moment to collect your thoughts before losing your cool. Always assume the worst of other motorists and give them lots of room. Allow them to pass if they appear drunk, disoriented, sleepy, or enraged. If you encounter a reckless motorist on the road, dial 911 (safely pull over first).

Treat your car with the respect it deserves. Maintain your car with regular tune-ups and frequent brakes, fluids, and tire pressure checks, particularly in cold weather. As a result, both the car's performance and your safety will improve.

Driving Conditions

  • Rain Amount - 16.2 mm
  • Average Cloud Cover - 96%
  • Max Wind Gusts - 13 km/h

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

The auto insurance rates published in this guide are based on the results of research completed by’s data team. Using a mix of public and internal data, we analyzed millions of rate averages across U.S. ZIP codes.

Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with


Is New Hampshire a no-fault state for auto insurance?

New Hampshire is an at-fault state. But unfortunately, it has not yet adopted the no-fault insurance system that many other states have adopted following car accidents. So instead, fault in an accident still matters in New Hampshire courts.

Can you drive in Concord, NH without car insurance?

In all of the United States, only drivers in New Hampshire are not required by law to get auto insurance unless they have been convicted of serious traffic violations. If you are found driving without the necessary insurance, you will lose your license and have to pay a fine to get it reinstated.

Do you need proof of insurance in Concord, NH?

If you have a certain conviction on your record, you'll need to provide proof of insurance. For instance, if you've been charged with two counts of Reckless Operation or have fled the scene of an accident, you could face a suspension. In addition, those who cause accidents while driving without insurance must provide proof of insurance for at least three years.

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Learn more by city and state for car insurance

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