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Buying affordable auto insurance is a challenge for many drivers. Many drivers often pay higher premiums than they need for their auto insurance policy. But, how does it sound if you only need to pay an insurance cost for how much you drive? Yes, Metromile car insurance offers an intriguing option if you're looking for cheap car insurance.

People who drive less are this company's target market. You may be able to reduce your annual auto insurance costs by several hundred dollars if you travel less than 10,000 miles. Currently, only eight states - California, Arizona, Oregon, Illinois, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Washington - offer Metromile car insurance.

So, how much does Metromile car insurance cost? What are the various coverages and discounts offered? How good are the Metromile car insurance reviews? Keep reading our review to know more!

Pros and Cons

Provides affordable insurance for those who travel under 10,000 miles annually in their cars. Not an ideal insurer for drivers who drive longer miles.
Most full-coverage insurance policies include pet injury protection. Only available in eight states.
Offers free services for locating vehicles and diagnosing them. It collects your car's data, like the mileage and location.
The insurer provides a mobile app. The ratings are below average affordability and average financial stability
Features a simple to use online dashboard for managing accounts. It lacks most of the popular discounts and add-on coverages.
It provides medical payment coverage. The company receives more complaints than most other insurers of similar size.

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Metromile Auto Insurance Coverages

Like most insurers, Metromile car insurance offers these basic coverages.

Do you want to get more coverage? Then, you have the following optional coverages to choose from.

Coverage What it means
No-deductible glass repair You don't require to pay a deductible if your glass needs a complete replacement. Only a few states offer this coverage for an additional cost. Metromile automatically waives the deductible for all customers with comprehensive coverage if the glass needs a repair.
Rental reimbursement It provides coverage for the cost of a rental car if your car needs repairs after a collision. Only customers who have collision and comprehensive coverage are eligible for this coverage.
Pet injury protection You will get up to $1,000 in compensation if an accident injures your dog or cat. Except for Illinois and Virginia, Metromile's comprehensive and collision coverage both provide pet injury protection.
Roadside assistance When you are driving and have an emergency, roadside assistance can be useful. T includes towing, battery jump starts, tire changes for flat tires, locksmith services, and others. So if you take road trips occasionally, it might be a sensible investment.

Metromile Average Auto Insurance Rates

On average, it costs a driver around $1,128 to buy Metromile car insurance. However, be aware that car insurance will cost you higher if you drive more than 10,000 miles. So, if getting the best auto insurance deal is your priority, get multiple quotes, compare, and then buy!

A base and a per-mile rate, normally a few cents per mile, make up Metromile's car insurance rates. Many of the same criteria conventional insurers employ, like age, driving history, and credit score, are used to set the base rate and cost per mile. Your monthly expense equals your base rate plus the per-mile rate multiplied by the miles you drove during the previous month.

Metromile Auto Insurance for Drivers with a Speeding Ticket

Average Premium for Drivers with a Speeding Ticket
Metromile $1,644
National Average $2040

Metromile Auto Insurance for Drivers with a DUI

Average Premium for Drivers with a DUI
Metromile $2,172
National Average $2,889

Metromile Auto Insurance for Drivers Who Caused an At-Fault Accident

Average Premium for Drivers with a DUI
Metromile $1,356
National Average $2,739

Metromile Average Insurance Cost by State

Metromile car insurance is available only in eight states - California, Arizona, Oregon, Illinois, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Washington. The auto insurance rate depends on the exact location you live. You will pay more if you reside in an area with a large population prone to high accident and theft rates. If your neighborhood is notorious for having severe weather, your auto insurance will also cost higher.

State Metromile car insurance rate
Arizona $1,104
California $1,404
Illinois $1,068
New Jersey $1,224
Oregon $1,092
Pennsylvania $1,152
Virginia $852
Washington $1,224

Metromile Auto Insurance Discounts

Using the discounts of the insurer decreases the cost of Metromile car insurance. Compared to other insurers, Metromile doesn't offer many discounts. These are the typical discounts that Metromile offers.

Discounts Available What It Means
Homeowner Offers a discount for those policyholders who own a house, mobile home, or condo.
Mature driver Drivers above 55 years who have completed a defensive driving course within the last three years are eligible for a mature driver discount.
Multi-car There is a multi-car discount for policyholders who insure more than one car with Metromile.
Good driver Drivers free of traffic offenses and accidents are eligible for a good driver discount.
Online Drivers who purchase their policy online receive a discount.
Continuous insurance Customers who had insurance before joining Metromile are eligible for a continuous insurance discount.

Metromile Auto Insurance Customer Satisfaction

Though the company offers affordable car insurance, Metromile insurance reviews are mixed. Most of the positive Metromile car insurance reviews indicate that customers saved around 30-50% on car insurance rates. However, customers complain about delays and claim denials despite the company's convenient 24-hour claims processing facility. Additionally, a few people had issues with paying and cancellations.

See what you could save on auto insurance Summary

Metromile car insurance can be a good choice if you don't drive frequently. Its pay-per-mile concept is unusual in the auto insurance business that could help you save money on your auto insurance. An insurance policy from this company might save you hundreds of dollars annually if you travel less than 10,000 miles annually.

Metromile might not be ideal if you require more coverages, prefer to bundle several plans, or don't drive a lot. Unfortunately, the numerous negative customer service ratings are also a warning. In terms of customer service, the insurer falls short of other insurance companies. Many Metromile car insurance reviews even mention claim denials or delays in getting it.

The insurer has an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB). We recommend Metromile if you are a driver who drives fewer than 10,000 miles and likes to decrease the auto insurance rates. But, if you're looking for better customer service or more coverages and discounts, Metromile car insurance won't be the ideal option.

About Metromile Auto Insurance

Based in San Francisco, Metromile, Inc. sells pay-per-mile auto insurance, licenses a digital insurance platform to insurers worldwide, and delivers a digitally native solution with smart driving features, automated claims processing, and vehicle information.

Metromile was established in Redwood City, California, by David Friedberg and Steve Pretre in 2011. The insurer relocated its headquarters to San Francisco in 2013 and added second office space in April 2015.

Lemonade, Inc. announced its acquisition of Metromile on 8 November 2021. The acquisition got completed on 28 July 2022.

Contact Details

Type of Contact Contact
Home Office 425 Market St #700, San Francisco, CA 94105
Customer Service 888-242-5204
Claims Support 888-595-5485

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