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Key Takeaways

  • Full coverage Mini insurance is anticipated to cost $1689 annually.
  • The Mini Cooper Hardtop 4-Door trim has the least insurance rates, costing an estimated $1410 per year to insure.
  • The S Convertible Sidewalk Edition is the most costly vehicle to insure, with an annual premium of $1719.
  • Driving an earlier model of Mini Cooper could reduce your annual insurance premiums by $696 or more.


Purchasing the right Mini coupe car insurance is the primary objective while purchasing this luxury car.

According to the research team of, the current Mini Cooper options in the United States include the Mini, Mini S, and John Cooper Works Mini, all of which are available in both hardtop and convertible configurations.

Review our guide before purchasing Mini insurance.

Car insurance for Mini

How much is insurance on a Mini? Mini drivers pay $1689 annually on average for auto insurance. However, your insurance premiums may vary based on the vehicle you own.

For example, the annual insurance premium for a Cooper Coupe S is $2037 cheaper than that of a Cooper Countryman JCW.

Where can I find cheap Mini insurance? is the quickest and most effective way to get Mini-specific auto insurance discounts, regardless of your circumstances. is comparable to a personal insurance agent who resides in your pocket. simplifies the search for a better auto insurance policy by combining cutting-edge technology and fantastic people.

Insurers decide your auto insurance premiums based on your perceived risk.

Age, driving history, vehicle type, coverage types, and levels you select can all affect your premiums. gathered information on the average premiums for various MINI models, including the popular MINI Cooper, to provide you with a sense of the average cost of the various MINI models.

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Car insurance for Minis by Model

We researched prices from a variety of auto insurance providers to provide you with an estimate of what you may anticipate paying based on the MINI model you select.

If you are in the market for a new MINI Cooper or other MINI models, or if you are curious about the insurance rates associated with these vehicles, comparing averages from different companies may provide a more accurate estimate.

The cost of premiums can vary widely between cars and providers. Even selecting one MINI model over another can affect your auto insurance premiums.

MINI model Average annual full coverage premium
MINI Cooper $1599
MINI Clubman $1635
MINI Countryman $1569
MINI JCW $1818

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for Mini Cooper

To show the cost of auto insurance for MINI Cooper drivers, we analyzed quotes from the top auto insurance providers.

USAA offers the cheapest MINI cooper insurance. The average yearly premium for comprehensive coverage, but only to military members, veterans, and members of their immediate families.

Amica is the next lowest option for comprehensive coverage without military eligibility limitations. Based on our research, Erie offers the most expensive MINI Cooper auto insurance premiums among the providers we examined.

Car insurance company Average annual premium for full coverage
USAA $1077
Amica $1329
State Farm $1332
Erie $1548

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for Mini Clubman

The MINI Clubman's average auto insurance premiums may be slightly higher than the MINI Cooper's average premiums due to the cost of these premium features.

However, Clubman's average auto insurance rates are much lower than most premium cars. For example, USAA has the lowest average full coverage premiums on our list for the Clubman, while State Farm has the highest.

Comparison shopping may assist you in locating the most affordable MINI Clubman price.

Car insurance company Average annual premium for full coverage
USAA $1191
Erie $1329
Amica $1347
State Farm $1389

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for Mini Countryman

You may believe that MINIs and cargo space are incompatible, but the Countryman intends to disprove this notion. The car provides more storage space and headroom than other MINI models while remaining less expensive to insure than the MINI Clubman or JCW.

USAA offers the lowest annual full coverage premium for the Countryman, while State Farm gives the most expensive coverage among the firms we've reviewed.

Car insurance company Average annual premium for full coverage
USAA $1170
Amica $1287
Erie $1335
State Farm $1389

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for Mini JCW

The MINI JCW could be for you if you desire the power and performance of a sports car without the potentially high insurance costs. This model pays homage to MINI's racing heritage, and current variants feature a 228-hp turbocharged engine and aero body kit.

USAA once again tops our ranking of the most affordable insurers for those who qualify. Amica provides the second-cheapest coverage with an annual average premium of $1449.

Car insurance company Average annual premium for full coverage
USAA $1200
Amica $1449
Erie $1461
State Farm $1584

Mini Insurance Rates by Model Year

The older the age of the car, the lower the insurance premiums.

The best way to determine the cost of the car is to obtain personalized quotes from multiple insurance providers. As stated previously, the typical fee for drivers will vary based on various criteria.

Ensure that you're comparing the identical policy across all companies if you're concerned that you see drastically variable amounts while requesting quotations.

Model Year Total
2016 $1287
2015 $1266
2014 $1227
2013 $1197
2012 $1149
2011 $1098
2010 $1077

How Expensive Is It to Insure a Mini Compared to Other Cars?

Compared to other car models, Mini’s insurance premiums are low.

The Mini is ranked #40 out of 46 cars in the small SUV sector for 2022. Additionally, full coverage insurance costs an average of $1578 per year compared to the class median rate of $1440 per year, making the Mini approximately $144 more expensive per year.

Auto insurance for a Mini costs $132 more per year than a Toyota RAV4, $240 more than a Honda CR-V, $140 more than a Chevrolet Equinox, and $81 more than insurance for a Nissan Rogue.

The table below compares the typical 2022 Mini insurance premiums to those of other compact SUVs and crossovers.

Make/Model Insurance Cost Make/Model Insurance Cost
Mazda CX-5 $1170 Chevrolet Bolt $1434
Nissan Kicks $1200 Chevrolet Equinox $1437
Chevrolet Trailblazer $1206 Volkswagen Taos $1440
Subaru Crosstrek $1235 Fiat 500X $1452
Toyota C-HR $1269 Toyota RAV4 $1455
Buick Encore $1272 Kia Soul $1461
Nissan Rogue Sport $1281 Mazda MX-30 $1482
Hyundai Venue $1305 Jeep Compass $1488
Buick Envision $1311 Kia Niro $1497
Kia Seltos $1320 Nissan Rogue $1503
Toyota Corolla Cross $1329 Ford Escape $1509
Hyundai Kona $1332 Hyundai Ioniq 5 $1515
Subaru Forester $1338 Mini Cooper Clubman $1524
Volkswagen Tiguan $1341 Jeep Renegade $1,518
Honda CR-V $1350 Kia Sportage $1536
Mazda CX-30 $1359 Ford Bronco $1542
Honda HR-V $1380 Volkswagen ID4 $1566
Ford Ecosport $1389 Mitsubishi Outlander $1650
Chevrolet Trax $1410 Mitsubishi Mirage $1665
GMC Terrain $1413 Ford Mustang Mach-E $1731
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross $1422 Hyundai Nexo $1752
Hyundai Tucson $1431 Jeep Wrangler $1761

How Much It Costs to Insure a Mini for 16- to 25-Year-Olds

Due to their lack of expertise and a higher likelihood of being involved in an accident, younger drivers may pay much more for auto insurance.

A Mini insurance policy for a motorist aged 18 costs $2937 more per year than a policy for a driver aged 40. An 18-year-old spends $4224 a year on Mini insurance.

Young drivers can save money by remaining on their parents' MINI insurance coverage rather than acquiring their own.

The cost of auto insurance for a teenage driver between 16 and 25 years of age is detailed below.

Age Average Annual Rates
16 $5415
17 $4800
18 $4224
19 $3027
20 $2706
21 $2142
22 $1980
23 $1809
24 $1701
25 $1542

Cheapest Mini to Insure - by Trim Level

Based on the Trim level, the cheapest mini to insure is the standard hardtop 4 door, with annual premiums ranging from $1410 to $1710 for a typical driver. The next least expensive model to insure is the 2-Door Hardtop at $1452 annually.

Plan on spending at least $126 per month for a comprehensive policy.

The following table provides average auto insurance costs for each Mini 2022 trim level, including a monthly budget.

Mini Trim Level Annual Policy
Hardtop 4-Door $1410
Hardtop 2-Door $1452
S Hardtop 4-Door $1491
S Hardtop 2-Door $1542
Convertible $1557
SE Hardtop 2-Door Electric $1602
S Convertible $1620
John Cooper Works Hardtop 2-Door $1641
John Cooper Works Convertible $1710
S Convertible Sidewalk Edition $1719

Full coverage vs. Minimum coverage for your Mini

Almost every state requires all drivers to legally obtain minimum liability limits to drive a car. As a result, liability insurance will cover the other driver's expenditures if you are at fault in an accident.

Typical minimum coverage requirements include:

Coverage type Protection offered
Bodily injury liability Pays for the expenses related to the injuries you caused to others.
Property damage liability Pays for costs linked with the damage you cause to the car or property of others.

Some jurisdictions require uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to cover your damages in case of an accident with an uninsured/underinsured driver.

If you live in a no-fault jurisdiction, your state may additionally mandate personal injury protection (PIP) to cover your medical bills. If you can afford it, you should always carry additional insurance than your state's minimum requirements.

A significant collision might result in the total loss of your Mini. In addition, if the other driver's liability coverage is exhausted, you and the other driver will be forced to pay out of pocket or face a potential lawsuit.

Comprehensive insurance policies will safeguard you in the event of astronomical medical expenses or severe car damage.

Typical comprehensive insurance policies include:

Coverage type Protection offered
Collision coverage Costs related to collisions with another vehicle or object are covered.
Comprehensive coverage Costs associated with non-collision events, such as a tropical storm, theft, or vandalism, are covered.

Other Car Insurance coverage for Mini

You may also want to evaluate the types of coverage you want or need to include in your MINI's insurance policy and find an affordable premium.

  • If you are comparing your existing insurance to others, you may want to ensure that you have the necessary types and levels of coverage.
  • If you are uncertain about which coverage to purchase, speaking with an agent may be helpful.
  • If you want to pay cash for a MINI, you may be able to drive it with only the state-mandated minimum coverage insurance, but this often only protects other drivers from any damage you cause.
  • If you have a loan or lease, you will be required to carry complete coverage, including insurance for your car, in case of an accident or non-collision. Therefore, even if your car is not financed, you may want to seek a full coverage policy for this added financial protection.

In addition, several insurance firms offer endorsements that can further safeguard your financial interests. These are some popular policy types and endorsements that you may wish to consider when determining your insurance needs.

  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist: This coverage protects you if you are hit by an uninsured driver or who has insufficient insurance to cover your damages. In certain states, one or both of these types of coverage are mandated.
  • Personal injury protection (PIP): This coverage covers medical expenses, lost wages, and burial costs for you and your passenger. In states with no-fault insurance rules, this coverage is often mandatory, although it is voluntary in most other states.
  • Medical payments coverage (MedPay): This coverage is comparable to PIP coverage. It covers your and your passenger's medical expenses regardless of who is at fault in an accident. Unlike PIP, however, it does not cover lost-wages-related expenses.
  • Roadside assistance: This coverage can cover the cost of service calls such as vehicle tows, locksmiths, and other breakdown difficulties if you travel frequently. Most roadside assistance plans assist with any situation that renders your vehicle inoperable.
  • Rental insurance: If your MINI is your sole car, car rental insurance could be an excellent option. This coverage is intended to pay for a rental car, up to a certain limit, if your vehicle is rendered inoperable due to a covered loss.
  • GAP Insurance: This is another typical add-on, particularly because it may be needed by the lender if you lease or finance your vehicle.
  • Gap insurance covers the "gap" between the amount you owe on the lease/loan and the amount an insurance provider would pay if the car were wrecked, stolen, or destroyed.
  • New car replacement: This coverage, as the name suggests, ensures that you are financially protected from the expense of replacing your new vehicle if it is stolen or destroyed. In addition, due to the rapid depreciation of newer cars after purchase, this coverage assures you will receive adequate compensation for purchasing a new car of the same make and model.

These are just a few examples of coverage kinds that can be added to your insurance as options. Investigate all of your coverage alternatives to ensure you have the necessary protection on the road.

Then, to get the best bargain, obtain vehicle insurance quotes from different providers who offer the cheapest rates for the coverage you require and take advantage of discounts for further savings.

There could be discounts for safe driving, using public transportation occasionally, and adding anti-theft features to your MINI. You may also reduce your auto insurance cost by taking advantage of these additional savings.

In the end, several factors are used to determine the prices offered by auto insurance companies. By comparing multiple insurers in your region, you may be able to discover a more affordable policy for your MINI Cooper or any other car in the MINI family.

What impacts your insurance costs for Mini

In addition to the make, model, and age of your car, its trim level, your demographics, and your insurance provider all play a role in deciding your auto insurance premiums.

Model you Drive:

The trim level and option packages you select can boost your insurance premiums even within the same model.

Higher trims – variations of the same car with varying performance and aesthetic options — and cars with special features packages will incur higher insurance costs than base trims.

Insurance Company:

You may be unsure how to evaluate potential carriers or if it is worthwhile to shop around, given the vast number of carriers available.

Since different providers use their algorithms to determine the rates to charge for a certain type of vehicle, it is in your best interest to shop around to discover the most affordable Mini insurance rates.

However, comparing rates can be tedious and time-consuming, especially if you're researching Mini insurance.

Here, comes into the picture. Choose from competitive rates from dozens of major insurers ( aggregates over 100 car insurance companies! ), and Jerry will do all the hard work for you by canceling your old policy and registering you for the new one.

To ensure that you never miss out on the finest discounts, will provide you with updated estimates every six months or before each renewal deadline.


Age is one of the key characteristics insurers consider when determining your premiums. Young drivers are, on average, less experienced, putting them a greater risk in the eyes of insurance. This will result in higher rates for them.

In addition, very senior drivers may be required to pay higher premiums due to their elevated accident risk.

Driving History

Your driving history is a crucial element in setting your auto insurance prices. Conversely, people with a history of poor driving are likewise high-risk. If you have several violations, particularly severe charges such as DUIs, it will be difficult to obtain inexpensive rates, let alone be accepted for coverage.

Taking a defensive driving course could save you money on your Mini's auto insurance over time, as it demonstrates your commitment to driving safely.


Your location is another major factor in determining your Mini's auto insurance prices. Even if you maintain the same car, relocating from the suburbs to the city might substantially alter your monthly payment.

Traffic density and crime rate (especially property crime like auto theft) will significantly impact your monthly expenses.

In addition, if your region is prone to property damage from severe weather occurrences such as tropical storms, earthquakes, or tornadoes, you will likely pay more premiums than you would in a safer area.

According to our research, cities such as Virginia Beach (VA), San Antonio (TX), Houston (TX), Rincon (GA), and San Francisco have a significant proportion of Mini drivers (CA).

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Mini features that impact Insurance costs

Several variables can either cut or boost Mini’s auto insurance costs. First, unlike other compact cars, this one is incredibly quick, negatively affecting how insurance companies regard it.

Depending on the model, Mini engines range from 118 to 172 horsepower, giving the cara sporty appearance and increasing the cost of insurance.

The safety ratings and features of the Mini reduce its insurance premiums. The Mini is recognized by the IIHS as a top safety pick for 2011 and scores well in all crash and rollover tests. In addition, the convertible model comes standard with four airbags, while the coupe adds two side-impact airbags for a total of six.

The Mini is also equipped with the most advanced ABS braking system, electronic brake-force distribution, and an engine designed to detach from its mounts in the case of a head-on collision to protect the legs of front-seat passengers.

Additionally, stability and traction control are included in all versions. These safety features reduce the cost of Mini's insurance premiums.

The History of the Mini

In the 1960s, the British company Mini began manufacturing its distinctive little cars. Mini is presently owned by BMW and is regarded as a reasonably priced, athletic brand.

In response to the UK's oil crisis, the British Motor Corporation created the Mini Cooper in 1957 as the Micro Car. In honor of race car designer John Cooper, this famous coupe gained a new name and safety features three years later.

After an absence from the car industry during the 1970s and 1980s, the Rover Group revived and sold the Mini to BMW in 1994. With the advent of a convertible option, the new edition of the Mini Cooper was given a larger, more modern design.

How to get Mini Insurance with

If you're considering purchasing a Mini for your next car, ensure you have the appropriate auto insurance. Overall, your insurance premiums will depend on the make and type of your vehicle as well as personal considerations.

Thankfully, the super app can assist you in finding the most affordable rates for the coverage you require. After 45 seconds of registration, you'll be able to explore rates from dozens of major insurance companies and make a simple carrier transfer within the app.

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Auto Insurance Data Methodology

The auto insurance rates published in this guide are based on the results of research completed by’s data team. Using a mix of public and internal data, we analyzed millions of rate averages across U.S. ZIP codes.

Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with

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