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Key TakeAways

  • At $1170 per year, Nationwide coverage only costs $98 per month.
  • For teachers, the average annual car insurance is $219.
  • Through membership-based discounts, teachers can frequently save money on auto insurance.

Best Car Insurance for Teachers

Teachers are frequently reminded how significant they are, but how can they take advantage of all this praise? Well, they can get cheap auto insurance merely for being teachers in some areas and with some companies!

It's a start, but it's nowhere near large enough, Thank You .

Nevertheless, looking for insurance rates and auto insurance reductions may be frustrating and time-consuming, much like sorting through a pile of papers to grade. So to compare personalized auto insurance prices for you, we give you

Additionally, we'll locate you exclusive teacher discounts.

As opposed to the ordinary American motorist, teachers save $12 every six-month policy period for holding a teaching position. A teacher's average six-month auto insurance premium is $777, or around $129 per month.

What's the best Auto Insurance for a Teacher?

Nationwide provides the most affordable auto insurance for teachers . At $1170 per year, Nationwide coverage only costs $98 per month. State Farm is the next lowest insurance provider for teachers. State Farm costs $12 more per month than USAA for teachers, at $1299.

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Cheapest insurance providers for teachers

Below, we've listed the cheapest auto insurance providers for teachers and additional strategies to save money.

Keep in mind that this information is an average of rates collected nationwide.

Car Insurance Companies Average annual premium
Nationwide $1170
State Farm $1299
USAA $1311
Farmers $1800
Allstate $1998

Occupation-based auto insurance discounts

As a means to give back to the community and reward them for their hard work, insurance firms offer teachers occupational discounts because they are considered less-risky drivers. Those whose occupations have been shown to use less dangerous drivers receive lower rates.

As with credit score, age, and driving record, occupation estimates a client's dependability for an insurance business.

Occupation Avg. Annual Premium
Teacher $1452
Scientist $1458
Military $1461
Fire Fighter $1467
Lawyer $1470
Engineer $1470
Doctor $1473
Manager $1482
Law Enforcement $1473
Civil Servant $1491
Unemployed $1494
Proprietor $1503

Car insurance discounts for teachers

As a means to give back to the community and reward them for their hard work, insurance firms offer teachers occupational discounts because they are considered less-risky drivers. Those whose occupations have been shown to use less dangerous drivers receive lower rates.

You work hard for your income as a teacher, and you want it to go as far as possible. This means not paying more than necessary for auto insurance. Some auto insurance discounts are available to teachers even if you do not have teacher-specific coverage.

  • Education Affinity Discount: Some car insurance companies offer discounts to customers linked with educators and educational organizations. Educators such as the Association of American Educators and the Association of Teacher Educators frequently provide additional savings.
  • Loyalty Discount: Most insurers provide additional savings if you renew your coverage annually and demonstrate loyalty. You may be able to save even more by enrolling in auto-renewal and eliminating paper statements.
  • Bundling Discount: Almost all insurers give a bundling discount if you purchase auto and home, renters, or condo insurance simultaneously.

The companies listed below provide the best discounts for teacher. Be advised that these discounts are not accessible in every state. The amount varies for each business. In addition, you must give evidence of your profession. A photocopy of your teacher's identification card will suffice.

A company that does not give this discount may be the most cost-effective option.

Insurance companies
Liberty Mutual
Plymouth Rock New Jersey
California Casualty

See what you could save on auto insurance

How to get cheaper car insurance rates as a teacher

There is no assurance that every state and insurance company will offer teachers a discount. In light of this, let's examine other strategies to save on auto insurance.

Get a bundled insurance policy: If you rent an apartment or own a home, you likely have renters or homeowners insurance. If so, you can save money by combining your insurance into what is known as a bundle.

Consider purchasing renters or homeowners insurance if you do not already have it. They are reasonably inexpensive and protect your assets in the event of a significant loss or if you are judged legally liable for damages on your property.

Get your coverages spot on: Contrary to a residence, a car's value does not increase over time. Instead, it depreciates. If the cost of maintaining comprehensive and collision insurance exceeds the reimbursement you would receive in the event of a claim, you should consider removing these coverages.

Physical protection may not be necessary if your car is valued at less than $4,000. Consider increasing your deductible if you require certain coverages but still wish to minimize your rate. Increasing your deductible can reduce insurance premiums by assuming more financial liability.

Use your claims judiciously: Increasing your deductible can also deter you from utilizing your insurance. Insurance experts say you should only use collision insurance if your car sustains severe damage. This is because your rates may increase after making a claim.

Most insurance companies will charge you for three years following an accident or violation for which you are at fault.

Here's how to determine whether or not to file a claim:

  • First, obtain a damage estimate before contacting your insurance provider. This is your out-of-pocket expense.
  • Next, multiply the growth rate by three (for the years you will be charged). This is added to your deductible.
  • Compare the costs and select the option with the lowest price.

Shop around: The best thing you can do as a teacher - or as an insurance customer of any profession - is too often comparison shop for auto insurance. Unfortunately, due to the rarity of a "teacher discount," you should not limit your search to businesses that offer this incentive.


Auto insurance discounts are sometimes available to teachers. Insurance companies may adjust premiums based on a driver's line of work, with some even offering special discounts to educators. For example, some policies exclude deductibles for damage on school premises because they recognize teachers' unique risks.

Our analysis of insurance quotes from many car insurance companies shows that teachers receive discounts of 6% compared to service industry professionals.

How to get Car Insurance for Teachers from

Use to get teachers' most affordable auto insurance quotes from Progressive, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, and Allstate (+130 different car insurance companies).

Comparing as many car insurance companies as possible when searching for auto insurance is essential. is the only website that allows you to browse hundreds of different companies, including those that provide teacher discounts.

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

The auto insurance rates published in this guide are based on the results of research completed by’s data team. Using a mix of public and internal data, we analyzed millions of rate averages across U.S. ZIP codes.

Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with


Do teachers get discounts on auto insurance?

Many insurance companies base prices in part on the profession of the car owner. The numerous teachers with advanced and graduate degrees benefit because your education level can also affect your rates. Teachers pay 6% less for auto insurance than service employees do.

What is the best insurance for teachers?

Nationwide provides the most affordable auto insurance for teachers. At $1170 per year, Nationwide coverage only costs $98 per month.

How much is car insurance for a teacher per month?

At $1170 per year, Nationwide coverage only costs $98 per month.

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