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How to get a military discount on car insurance

Few offer more to their country than to those who serve in the army. That is why car insurance companies provide the cheapest car insurance for people in the military. For many companies, this is the best way to repay them for their services. Many car insurance companies are seeking to give back to our nation's veterans through competitive compensation choices and expansive discounts around the country. But how are you going to start seeking a car insurance provider that has veterans in mind? After all, the transition back to civilian life after active service can be an exhausting process—so shopping for cheap car insurance would be the last thing on your mind.

You can visit to alleviate your concerns. We have a robust database when it comes to car insurance for military families. You can browse insurers and look for cheap car insurance quotes side-by-side in real-time. With all this information at your fingertips, you can easily find the best car insurance policy at the right price for you.

Military Car Insurance

If you thought auto insurance schemes are complicated, wait until you hear about military car insurance schemes. From unique scenarios like Permanent Change of Stations (PCS), extended durations of vehicle storages, and emergency deployment, everything is different when it comes to military car insurance schemes. However, different insurance companies out there are competing against each other, and even the smallest edge on insurance schemes can bring a significant boost in outperforming the competition. With more than 20 million active military personnel, and veterans in the country, military car insurance has a broad scope for car insurance companies to cash in. There are plenty of leading companies out there that provide affordable military car insurance schemes at low rates.

Decoding Military Car Insurances

If you are active military personnel or a veteran eligible for military car insurance but unsure how military car insurances work, worry no more! We have you covered. Almost all car insurance companies that provide military car insurance schemes are well aware of the nature of duty active military personnel would be exposed to. Everything from emergency deployment overseas to sudden PCS changes is all covered in military car insurance policies, making it hassle-free in the event of an immediate change. There are also clauses in military car insurance deals to help you suspend or cancel coverages entirely. If you are an active military personnel who is unsure about the military car insurance scheme, contact your insurance agent or insurance company and get a clear picture before committing to the deal.

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What are Military Discounts

Military men and women (active, veterans, and national guards) have the privilege of several reservations and special reservations. Several auto insurance companies also provide value added benefits, exclusively for military personnel. These value-added benefits can be anything from special discount rates ranging from 15% to 20% to reduced rates for storing cars while away on active duty. The discount rates offered by different companies do tend to vary from one another. Military car insurance schemes also let you save more money, based on where you save your car. For instance, if you have your car stored in a military-based instead of an ordinary storage facility, you get to enjoy an even greater discount rate than usual. There are also several organization-specific military discounts.

What about Non-Military Discounts

One of the most asked questions regarding military car insurance schemes has to be about non-military discounts. All general discounts offered by car insurance companies like low-annual mileage discounts and good driving record discounts are also available for military personnel. While military car insurances provide added benefits to uniformed men and women, it does not take away any general discounts and savings you would get otherwise. Make sure to apply for all general discounts and top it off with your military discounts to get the maximum benefit of your military car insurance policy.

How to Get the Best Deal for Military Car Insurance

Just like any car insurance deals, getting the maximum profit from your car insurance policy is not as difficult as you would think. All you need to do is plan in advance and ensure that only the insurance schemes you need are included in your policy. In most scenarios, military car insurance schemes usually feature extra value-added benefits from the standard insurance policies. In addition to going for military insurance policies, you will still be required to have insurance schemes like liability coverages as an extra. Legally, you need to have liability coverage to be eligible for driving on public roads. You can opt for additional protection covers like comprehensive insurance coverage and collision coverage if you want access to more security features in your military car insurance scheme. The idea to access the best military car insurance scheme is to only spend money on car insurance policies that you require. If your car is older than ten years, having collision coverage does not offer many benefits. However, by removing collision coverage from your military car insurance policy, you can save anywhere from $100 - $300 every year.

Tips to Save Money on Military Car Insurance

Ready to invest in military car insurance, but wondering if it’s possible to save more money or not? Here are some easy tips to help you save more on military car insurance:

Here are some tips for saving money on military car insurance:

Remember to Ask About These Insurance Discounts

Car insurance companies offer many discounts that let you save big on car insurance. While most insurance agents and companies provide you with details about the insurance schemes you are eligible for, it is always best to take time off to see if any of these discount options are applicable for you:

Do Veterans Get a Discount on Car Insurance

Yes. Veterans and active military personnel are both eligible for the same discounts offered by car insurance companies that provide military car insurance policies. There are approximately 1.5 million active soldiers in the different branches of the United States military and more than 20 million military veterans. Both active military members and retired veterans share similar concerns and requirements. Companies like USAA who have dedicated military car insurance schemes, have been leading the way with exclusive schemes for veterans and active military members. However, leading car insurance companies like State Farm Nationwide, and Liberty Mutual all have plenty of affordable military car insurance schemes. You can also check out Armed Forces Insurance (AFI) who is dedicated to provide an array of insurance policies for active military members and retired military veterans.

10 Best Auto Insurance Companies that Provide Best Car Insurance for Military

When it comes to best car insurance for military, it goes without saying that USAA is the runaway winner, with the Armed Forces Insurance providing the best overall insurance schemes for active military members and veterans. As the car insurance industry is competitive and with a wide range of customers, which amounts to around 23 million people in the US alone, more companies are in the fray. Let’s look at the ten best auto insurance companies that provide military car insurance deals at affordable rates. Please note that the list is not ranked in any way.

United Services Automobile Association (USAA) is considered one of the country's best military car insurance companies. USAA is a popular choice for military members on active duty and veterans mainly because they provide one of the lowest annual rates than other leading insurance companies that offer military car insurance. The highlights of USAA's military car insurance policy has to be the 15% discount they offer for active soldiers who store their vehicles on a military base. USAA also provides a 60% discount on monthly premium when a soldier is deployed overseas with his vehicle parked in the military storage.

Military Car Insurance FAQ

All You Need to Know About Military Car Insurance

While it sounds different from ordinary car insurances, military car insurances are ordinary car insurances with a bit more value-added services at similar rates. As an active member of the US military, veterans and soldiers on duty typically spend less time driving around their cars than citizens not associated with the US armed forces do. There will also be instances of deployment abroad, which will require the military members to put their vehicles at storage. Military storages are like vaults, and the probability of having to claim insurance for a car stored at military storages are minimal to none. If you have access to military car insurance, there are options to get discounts of up to 60% on auto insurances when deployed overseas, which can save you lots of money. There are many more similar benefits, which makes military car insurance a necessity for all active and retired military personnel.

Are there different military car insurance schemes based on military branches?

Yes. Members of different military branches like the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and National Guard all have different discounts and value-added benefits for military car insurance schemes. For instance, you might be deployed overseas or at home when you are in the US Army, whereas those in the Navy will spend a reasonable amount of time at sea. The same also applies to military men who serve in the US Air Force.

What are the benefits of having a Military Car Insurance?

The main advantage of having military car insurance is the flexibility they have on offer. Auto insurance deals are long term investments which are usually paid as monthly or yearly installments. While ordinary citizens require vehicles regularly, the nature of military service is such that you are bound to spend more time away from your cars. There will also be the foreign and emergency deployment scenarios, which will require you to have your car parked in storage for extended durations. Since insurance schemes are not necessary when your car’s in storage, you would want to either suspend or cancel your auto insurance coverage during this time. Having access to military car insurance in such a scenario ensures that you have the option to suspend or cancel your car insurance coverage without any hassles. Insurance companies that offer military car insurance are willing to change or policies as required when it comes to unexpected changes like emergency deployment.

Having access to military car insurance coverage also comes with extra value-added benefits like storage coverages, non-use registration benefits, and of course, exclusive discount rates.

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How to Save Money on Military Car Insurance ?

Just like any other car insurance scheme out there, you have the option to save even more when it comes to military car insurance schemes. The main thing you need to look out for when it comes to military car insurance is to understand the auto insurance company you choose. As military deployment, PCS changes, and emergency deployments are all unpredictable, and you need a line of clear communication between yourself and the insurer. This will help you choose the best insurance schemes and save you the most money. Storage coverage and non-use registration can be complex to understand, and this could become even more difficult when you only have little time to spare on your hand. Having a good relationship and communication with your insurer can help you pick out the right deal without sweating much. Here are some more tips to save money on military car insurance

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Which car insurance is best for military?

Of the firms that have military incentives on car insurance or provide exclusive benefits to service members, none approach the same approach. Considering customer loyalty, client concerns, discount specifics, and cost, these are the three best car insurance companies: Esurance, Arbella, Armed Forces Insurance and USAA.

Does the military pay for car insurance?

The military does not pay for car insurance. You can get some of the best and affordable car insurance from the following companies: Esurance, Arbella, Armed Forces Insurance and USAA.

Is USAA car insurance only for military?

Yes. USAA provides insurance only to individuals affiliated with the armed forces. The USAA does not specifically offer a military discount, but its prices are still among the highest available to military families.

What car insurance companies give/offer military discounts?

The following car insurance companies provide discounts for military personnel. USAA, AFI, Liberty Mutual and Farmers Insurance. As with any coverage or discount offer, you should always consult with a customer service representative or local insurance provider to see if a veteran discount is eligible.

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