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Your age is one of the most vital factors that affect your auto insurance rate in most states. Age is the vital factor determining how experienced you are behind the wheel of a car and your driving behavior. For instance, younger driversare more likely to cause accidents than older drivers because they have less experience.

It isn’t a secret that younger drivers need to pay higher premiums for their auto insurance. However, a majority of the insurers don’t consider you as a ‘young driver’ when you reach the age of 25. It will cause a drop in your vehicle insurance premiums. Still, 25-year-oldspay higher premiums than older drivers. Butyou can expect a drop in average premiums each year as you become older, provided you don’t have any accidents or citations on your record.

Finding cheap auto insurance is essential at any age. Our research will give you an idea of affordable auto insurance for 25-year-old and the best car insurance for drivers under 25.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost for a 25-Year-Old?

The average cost of auto insurance for a 25-year-old is around $3,354 per year. The cost of auto insurance for a 25-year-old is higher than the country’s average annual full coverage premium. A person may have more experience at 25 than teen drivers and pay lower premiums than when they were younger. You will, however, most likely lack the experience of a 40-year-old driver. While your prices should fall as you get older, you may still have to pay higher-than-average premiums for many years.

Several factors, including your age, gender, car value, and driving history, determine the auto insurance costs. Your auto insurance premiums may increase due to a recent car accident or other traffic violations. You can buy cheap car insurance for those under 25by shopping about and comparing quotes from multiple insurers.

Companies that offer the Cheapest Car Insurance for 25-year-olds

Whatever the age is, drivers always look for the cheapest auto insurance quotes. Many major insurers provide auto insurance policies for 25-year-olds. Based on our research, we have provided the average annual premium of the insurers here. You can choose the insurer based on the rates but always look for the discounts and other unique features they offer.

USAA is only accessible to current or former military personnel and their dependents.

Insurance Company Average Annual Premium
Allstate $5766
Farmers $3102
Nationwide $2094
Progressive $2502 
State Farm $2814
USAA $1770

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Cheapest Auto Insurance for 25-Year-Old by State

Depending on the state, the typical cost of auto insurance varies significantly. One of the main reasons for price differences is that each state has its own set of criteria for auto insurance. Some states have higher minimum liability limits or demand supplementary coverage, such as uninsured motorist coverage or personal injury protection.

Insurance is regulated by state law and calculated based on your zip code, making it location-specific. If your placehas strict insurance regulations,expect a hefty insurance premium regardless of which carrier you choose. The insurance premium amounts also depend on accident statistics, cost of labor and parts, and damages due to weather.

North Carolina offers the lowest annual average premium. In contrast, auto insurance for 25-year-olds in Michigan is very costly compared to other states.

State Annual Average Premium
California $2070
Florida $3618
Georgia $2778
Illinois $2442
Michigan $9834
New York $3054
North Carolina $1614
Ohio $1758
Texas $2742

Why Does Car Insurance Cost So High for 25-Year-Olds?

Car insurance is often substantially more expensive for first-time or new drivers than experienced drivers. Insurers assess your premiums depending on your driving experience, not just your age, so young drivers should consider that. A fresh 25-year-old driver’s auto insurance will almost certainly be more expensive than a 25-year-old driver with nine years of driving experience.

Since younger drivers will be more likely to be involved in accidents, insurers see them as a higher risk. Drivers will slowly qualify for lower auto insurance rates as they get older. Other factors like a clean driving record can also help you save money on your insurance.

Rates by Gender

There is a considerable difference in the auto insurance rates for male and female drivers when it comes to young drivers. However, the insurance rate gap begins to decrease at 25. Still, the average car insurance rate for males under 25 is higher than for 25-year-old females. The insurers believe that 25-year-old men are more likely to get involved in accidents.

In certain states, there is no gap in the cost of auto insurance for male and female drivers. If all other factors are equal, a 25-year-old male and female driver in those states listed below should pay the same amount for auto insurance.

Annual Premium for a Male Driver Annual Premium for a Female Driver
$3402 $3306

How to Get Car Insurance for a 25-Year-Old

To find the best and cheapest car insurance for those under 25, you need to take insurance quotes from various insurers and know about the discounts and coverages offered. It’s always good tocheck thevarious insurers’ customer service ratings and financial strength. Your auto insurance premiums will remain lower if you have a good driving record, no accident history, or citations.

How to Save on Car Insurance as a 25-Year-Old Driver

Even though the auto insurance cost for 25-year-old drivers is lower than for teen drivers, still many young driverslike to save money on their policy.These include taking advantage of special offers and discounts and searching around for the lowest prices. Drivers can also consider being added to a family insurance policy to save money.

The following factors willhelp you decrease your auto insurance cost as a 25-year-old driver.

Compare auto insurance quotes

You should compare quotes from all major insurers to choose the best policy. Even if you already have a preferred insurer, comparing rates will help you better understand what rates you are eligible for.

Maintain a clean driving record

Accidents and penalties will significantly increase the cost of auto insurance regardless of your age. Still, they can be costly for young drivers. It is best to have a driving recordfree of accidents, tickets, or moving infractions to guarantee you qualify for the best prices.

See what you could save on auto insurance

Find insurers with the best discounts

While young drivers pay more on average for auto insurance than older drivers, they also qualify for several special discounts. Many insurance companies provide good student discounts to drivers who get good grades. A discount may also be available for members of certain honor societies and alumni organizations. You could save money on your monthly premiums even if you’ve just graduated. Many insurers also provide discounts to drivers who enroll in a defensive driving course.

Reduce the coverage amount

You can cut the insurance expensesif you reduce the coverage. Liability-only car insurance can be a good option if you have difficulty paying your monthly car insurance premiums and have a cheap automobile. However, while this would lower your premiums, it may result in you paying more if you get involved in an accident or the car is damaged.

Go for a sedan instead of a sports car

Certain cars, such as sports cars and high-end luxury vehicles, are more expensive to insure for young drivers. Avoid sports cars and opt for a solid sedan instead to save money on insurance.

Boost your credit score

Some jurisdictions prohibit insurance firms from using your credit score as a rating factor, but most states do. Insurers charge a higher premium for drivers with poorer credit scores since they aremore likely to file claims. If you can improve your credit score, you may be able to lower your insurance cost.

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

The auto insurance rates published in this guide are based on the results of research completed by’s data team. Using a mix of public and internal data, we analyzed millions of rate averages across U.S. ZIP codes.

Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with

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