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Key Takeaways

  • Depending on the trim and model you select, the actual cost of your Toyota Prius auto insurance coverage could change.
  • The more safety features your Toyota Prius has, the more likely you will get a discount.
  • Older Toyota Prius cars often cost less to insure.
  • Always get free insurance quotes from many companies before choosing a plan.
  • A car insurance policy or extended warranty is worth the bare minimum in monthly payments.

Toyota Prius auto insurance cost

The typical annual insurance premium for a Toyota Prius is $1,318.

Is Toyota Prius expensive to insure?

The average insurance costs for other hybrids/electric vehicles, such as the Ford C-Max Hybrid, Ford Fusion Hybrid, and Honda Accord Hybrid, are shown in the table below.

Vehicle Average Annual Premium
Toyota Prius $1,318
Ford C-Max Hybrid $1,416
Ford Fusion Hybrid $1,656
Honda Accord Hybrid $1,544
Lexus GS 450h $1,736
Hyundai Sonata Hybrid $1,560
Chevrolet Volt $1,712

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What impacts the cost of Toyota Prius insurance?

The actual cost of your Toyota Prius auto insurance coverage may vary depending on the trim and model you choose.

Model year/Age of the car

Insurance is typically less expensive for older Toyota Prius cars. For instance, the cost of car insurance for a 2020 Toyota Prius is $1,318, whereas that for a 2010 Toyota Prius is $1,058, a $260 difference.

Model Year Average Annual Premium
2020 Toyota Prius $1,318
2019 Toyota Prius $1,298
2018 Toyota Prius $1,286
2017 Toyota Prius $1,280
2016 Toyota Prius $$1,260
2015 Toyota Corolla $1,242
2014 Toyota Prius $1,206
2013 Toyota Prius $1,706
2012 Toyota Prius $1,126
2011 Toyota Prius $1,082
2010 Toyota Prius $1,058

Driver Age

The driver's Age can greatly affect the typical cost of Toyota Prius insurance. For instance, 30-year-old drivers' Toyota Prius insurance costs are $57 higher than those of 40-year-old drivers.

Driver Age Average Annual Rate
Teen driver $4,785
Age 20 $2,973
Age 30 $1,375
Age 40 $1,318
Age 50 $1,202
Age 60 $1,178

City you live in

The typical cost of insurance for a Toyota Prius might vary greatly depending on where you reside. Drivers in Los Angeles, for instance, might pay $1,123 more annually than those in Indianapolis.

City Average Annual Rate
Los Angeles, CA $2245
New York, NY $2075
Houston, TX $2059
Jacksonville, FL $1906
Philadelphia, PA $1762
Chicago, IL $1736
Phoenix, AZ $1527
Seattle, WA $1279
Indianapolis, IN $1122
Columbus, OH $1096

Insurance company

How much is Toyota Prius auto insurance for recent models?

Toyota Prius Trim Level Average Annual Premium
L Eco $1560
L $1476
LE $1476
LE AWD-e $1500
Prime LE $1524
XLE $1536
Nightshade edition $1548
Prime XLE $1548
Nightshade edition AWD-e $1572
Limited $1608
Prime Limited $1632

Toyota Prius crash test ratings

Vehicle Tested Overall Frontal Side Rollover
2020 Toyota Prius Prime 5 HB FWD N/R N/R N/R N/R
2019 Toyota Prius PRIME 5 HB FWD N/R N/R N/R N/R
2019 Toyota Prius C 5 HB FWD 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars
2019 Toyota Prius 5 HB FWD 5 stars 4 stars 5 stars 4 stars
2019 Toyota Prius 5 HB AWD 5 stars 4 stars 5 stars 4 stars
2018 Toyota Prius PRIME 5 HB FWD N/R N/R N/R N/R
2018 Toyota PriusC5 HB FWD 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars
2018 Toyota Prius 5 HB FWD 5 stars 4 stars 5 stars 4 stars
2017 Toyota Prius V SW FWD N/R N/R N/R 4 stars
2017 Toyota Prius Prime 5 HB FWD N/R N/R N/R N/R
2017 Toyota Prius C 5 HB FWD 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Toyota Prius safety features

The possibility of receiving a discount increases with your Toyota Pruis's safety features. The safety features of the Toyota Prius include:

  • Vehicle Air Bag
  • Driver Air Bag
  • Head Air Bag in Front
  • Back Head Airbag
  • Airbag on the front side
  • Four-wheel ABS
  • Brakes on alls wheels
  • Brake Support
  • Electronic Stabilization System
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Parental Control Locks
  • Friction management
  • Warning for lane departure
  • Lane Maintaining Assist

Toyota Prius insurance loss probability

The likelihood of an insurance loss on a Toyota Prius varies according to the type of coverage. Lower percentages equate to cheaper Toyota Prius auto insurance; greater percentages equate to more expensive Toyota Prius auto insurance.

Insurance Coverage Category Loss Rate
Collision 13%
Property Damage 0%
Comprehensive -13%
Personal Injury 20%
Medical Payment 21%
Bodily Injury 13%

How to save on Toyota Prius insurance?

Any of the five ways listed below can help you reduce the cost of your Toyota Prius car insurance.

  • When purchasing your Toyota Prius insurance policy, request a higher deductible.
  • To prevent gaps, renew your Toyota Prius insurance coverage.
  • Pay all your bills on time, especially the insurance and Toyota Prius payments.
  • Purchase a used Toyota Prius.
  • Instead of driving your Toyota Prius, take the bus or train.

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How do I find the best Toyota Prius insurance rates?

  • Before selecting a plan, always collect free insurance quotes from several businesses. After all, you are free to get as many quotes as you like!
  • Your search for the ideal auto insurance plan should be led by the maxim "compare, compare, compare."
  • You can quickly locate the lowest insurance rates you qualify for, given your financial situation, by using an insurance provider like

How to get Toyota Prius auto insurance?

Start your search for auto insurance using the app or website to receive a free quote quickly! Use our platform to quickly and easily compare prices from more than 150 insurance companies to find the best deal for your Toyota Prius.

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

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Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Toyota Prius cheap to insure?

The average cost of Toyota Prius insurance for full coverage is $1,538 per year.

Do I need the extra insurance on my Toyota Prius?

No matter how dependable the car may be, if the thought of auto repairs, sudden breakdowns, and irritating disruptions to your well-planned schedule is anything but appealing, a Prius extended warranty or car insurance policy is worth the minimum monthly cost.

How much does it cost to insure a Toyota Prius?

For a Toyota Prius, the average yearly insurance rate is $1,318.

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