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Key Takeaways

  • Drivers in Wisconsin convicted of a serious traffic violation, such as DUI or driving without insurance, must have SR-22 insurance.
  • USAA is the provider of the most affordable SR-22 vehicle insurance in Wisconsin.
  • By getting non-owner SR-22 insurance, drivers who frequently rent or borrow cars from friends or family can lower the price of their auto insurance.
  • In Wisconsin, USAA offers non-owner SR-22 insurance at the lowest cost, around $204 per year. State Farm follows USAA in terms of cost each year, at $403, on average.
  • The insurers provide limitations for property damage liability of $50,000, $100,000 per accident, and bodily injury liability of $50,000.
  • Wisconsin may suspend your driver's license if you have a significant traffic infraction on your records—such as a speeding ticket, DUI, or any other.

What is SR-22 Insurance in Wisconsin?

Drivers in Wisconsin who are found guilty of a significant traffic infraction, such as driving while uninsured or under the influence (DUI), must carry SR-22 insurance. The auto insurance provider for the guilty driver submits an SR-22 form to Wisconsin's DMV.

This document attests that the motorist complies with the minimum legal criteria for Wisconsin auto insurance. Although USAA's SR-22 insurance in Wisconsin is the least expensive at $372 a year, only veterans, active-duty service members, and their families are eligible for its services. State Farm has average annual rates for minimal DUI coverage in the state that are $423, making it the second cheapest carrier.

How much does SR-22 insurance usually cost in Wisconsin?

SR-22 insurance is more expensive than a standard auto insurance policy due to the seriousness of the driving violation. You can fill out the SR-22 form can be filed for a minimal price, but the accompanying crime may result in higher SR-22 insurance rates.

For a DUI in Wisconsin, the average cost of SR-22 insurance with the minimum coverage is $958 annually. This premium is significantly more than the $473 average yearly rate for comparable coverage without an SR-22.

According to our statistics, USAA is the company that offers SR-22 car insurance at the lowest price in Wisconsin. But keep in mind that this provider only accepts clients with military history. Likewise, state Farm offers minimum DUI coverage at the lowest price to the general public, with average yearly premiums of $423.

Company Average Annual Premium
USAA $372
State Farm $423
Progressive $490
Erie $531
American Family $573
Travelers $785
Farmers $931
Acuity $963
Allstate $1035
Nationwide $1279
MetLife $1699
AAA $2701

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How much does credit score affect SR-22 insurance costs in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, auto insurance providers can include your credit rating when calculating your rates. Therefore, when looking for SR-22 insurance, having excellent credit will probably lead to lower average car insurance premiums.

Compared to drivers without an SR-22 in Wisconsin, drivers with good or exceptional credit-only experience rates increase by $16 and $26, respectively. However, drivers with bad or average credit must pay an additional $34 and $32, respectively.

Credit Tier Average Annual Rate-No violation Average Annual Rate-SR-22 Difference
Excellent $1428 $1740 312
Good $1596 $1788 192
Average $1608 $1980 372
Poor $1740 $2148 408

Who needs SR-22 insurance in Wisconsin? And for how long do they need It?

Each state has its regulations that specify which offenses need SR-22 insurance. If you're guilty of any of the following serious offenses, you'll need to apply for SR-22 insurance in Wisconsin and other states:

SR-22s are often not required for minor offenses. After an incident or violation, you should look around and compare costs to locate affordable insurance. The insurance cost will probably be lower for these violations than those that call for an SR-22 policy.

In Wisconsin, the typical answer to the question of how long you need SR-22 insurance is three years. However, this time frame may be extended depending on how serious the offense is.

How do you get SR-22 insurance in Wisconsin?

Although Wisconsin requires an SR-22 form for a guilty driver, certain insurance companies may choose not to if they believe the driver to be a high-risk customer. Even after finding SR-22 insurance, a driver will still need to pay more than they do for regular auto insurance.

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Non-Owner SR-22 insurance in Wisconsin

Wisconsin may suspend your driver's license if you have a major traffic violation, such as a speeding ticket, DUI, or any other on your record. In addition, drivers who frequently rent or borrow cars from friends or family can reduce the cost of their auto insurance by purchasing non-owner SR-22 insurance.

According to Way, the average annual premium for non-owner insurance in Wisconsin is $441. Although its insurance is only for former and current military personnel, USAA has the lowest rate at about $204 a year. State Farm, with an average annual cost of $403, comes second to the USAA.

Company Average Annual Rate
USAA $192
State Farm $391
Travelers $415
Nationwide $857

The insurance policies include $50,000 in bodily injury liability coverage, $100,000 in bodily injury liability per accident, and $50,000 in property damage liability limits.

Bottom Line

We advise comparing SR-22 quotes from various insurers to discover the best deal on SR-22 insurance in Wisconsin. Comparing various quotes is frequently the best course of action to get affordable SR-22 insurance because insurance companies evaluate risk differently and estimate rates correctly.

As drivers are frequently qualified for price breaks depending on their vehicle type, driving history, participation in a defensive driving course, being a good student, and many other factors, we advise asking about possible discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my SR-22 in Wisconsin if I move?

Moving does not impact your SR-22's status, even if you move to a state where one is unnecessary. However, you'll need to settle any outstanding issues with your insurance provider to ensure your policy doesn't expire in your new state.

Do I need an SR-22 in Wisconsin if I don't have a car?

You need a non-owner SR-22 insurance policy if you don't own a car but still intend to drive in Wisconsin. Remember that you might not be eligible for this policy if you live with the person whose car you will be borrowing.

Where can Wisconsin drivers get an SR-22?

Your auto insurance provider must submit an SR-22 form electronically to approve you. However, if you commit a significant driving violation, your insurance provider may decide not to file this form or continue to cover you. So, make sure you shop for affordable SR-22 insurance in Wisconsin to find the best deals.

Is SR-22 expensive in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, the average cost of SR-22 insurance is $479 per year, 13% more than the cost of regular auto insurance. Therefore, filing an SR-22 form in Wisconsin might cost between $15 and $25 in addition to a higher premium.

Which company in Wisconsin is the cheapest for SR-22 insurance?

The cheapest company in Wisconsin for SR-22 insurance is USAA.

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