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Key Takeaways

  • Car insurance in Boise costs you $1,056 annually.
  • With an annual rate of $762, State Farm offers the most affordable auto insurance in the city.
  • Idaho requires a minimum of 15,000 in property damage liability and $50,000 in bodily injury liability per accident. In addition, the state mandates uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage of at least $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident.
  • Boise has a high auto-theft rate when compared to other cities.

Boise Auto Insurance

What makes auto insurance in Idaho special? Car insurance rates in Idaho are lower than the national average, making it affordable for drivers. But does that mean all cities in the state offer low car insurance rates? What about car insurance in Boise, the most populated city in the state?

The fact is that the cost of car insurance in Boise is slightly higher than the state average. But it shouldn't discourage you from buying an auto insurance policy. Driving with valid car insurance can earn you a jail time of six months and a penalty of $1,000. So, the trick is to find cheap car insurance in the city.

So, how much does car insurance in Boise cost? Which is the best car insurance in Boise? How much do car insurance companies in Boise, Idaho, charge for an average auto insurance policy? Continue reading to find out in detail! Our review has all the answers related to buying a Boise auto insurance policy.

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How Much Does Car Insurance Cost In Boise?

A driver must pay an average of $1,056 to buy car insurance in Boise. It is slightly more than the state average of $1,023 and less than the national average of $1,557.

Boise (annual average) Idaho (annual average) United States
$1,056 $1,023 $1,557

Boise auto insurance rates are based on the factors like age, gender, marital status, and driving history. You can always lower the rates by comparing the car insurance quotes in Boise, Idaho. Keep reading to know more!

Boise Auto Insurance Premiums By Company

With an average annual rate of $762, State Farm offers the best car insurance in Boise. Liberty Mutual and Progressive offer the next best affordable insurance policy with annual rates of $844 and $986, respectively.

Car insurance company Average Annual Rate
State Farm $762
Liberty Mutual $844
Progressive $986
Farm Bureau $1,041
Farmers $1,159

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Boise Auto Insurance Premiums By Age Group

Irrespective of the city, age can always be a factor that decreases or increases the car insurance rate. Like many cities, drivers in their teens pay the most for auto insurance in Boise. A teen driver pays around $4,379 for car insurance in Boise.

The car insurance rates start decreasing as you reach your 20s. Drivers in their 70s pay nearly $1,146 for buying car insurance in Boise.

Age Average Annual Rate
Teens $4,379
20s $1,473
30s $1,038
40s $979
50s $919
60s $947
70s $1,146

The ideal way to find low-priced car insurance is by comparing the various car insurance quotes in Boise, Idaho. Or you can always check the various discounts your insurer offers and use the ones you qualify for.

Boise Auto Insurance Premiums By Marital Status/Gender

The cost of a driver's auto insurance may occasionally depend on their marital status and gender. Since they are likely to file more claims, single drivers typically pay more for insurance than married drivers in most US cities. For instance, single drivers pay $64 more than married drivers for car insurance in Boise. On average, single drivers pay around $1,056 for auto insurance in the city.

Another factor that may affect auto insurance premiums is gender. Male drivers in Boise pay $9 more annually for auto insurance than female drivers. Widowed people also pay significantly less in rates than single people do. You may always check for your insurer's discounts to decrease the rate of car insurance in Boise.

Gender/Marital Status Average Annual Rate
Male $1,056
Female $1,047
Single $1,056
Married $992
Widowed $1,049
Divorced $1,056

Boise Auto Insurance Premiums By Driving Record

Your driving behavior can influence the cost of car insurance in Boise. At-fault accidents, DUI/DWI, reckless driving, and speeding tickets frequently increase rates. Conversely, having a clean driving record always lowers your insurance rate.

Reckless driving and DUI are the two offenses that surge the auto insurance rates in Boise. A driver with a reckless driving citation must pay around $1,561, higher than the national average. So, always a spotless driving record to keep the car insurance rates affordable.

Offense Average Annual Rate
Reckless Driving $1,561
DUI/DWI $1,500
Speeding Ticket $1,226
At-Fault Accident (damages < $,1000) $1,387
At-Fault Accident (damages > $2,000) $1,472

Boise Auto Insurance Premiums By Credit Rating

The rate of car insurance in Boise will be low if you have a good credit score. Conversely, a driver with a 'Very Poor' credit score may need to pay high for auto insurance. On average, a driver with this credit score must pay around $2,043 to buy a car insurance policy. It is $987 more than the city average.

Drivers in Boise can save more than 50 percent on their auto insurance by raising their credit score from 'Very Poor' (300-579) to 'Exceptional' (800-850). Moving from a 'Very Poor' to a 'Fair' credit score saves $779 on your insurance rates. Moving to a 'Good' credit score from a 'Very Poor' credit score saves around $987 on your auto insurance rates.

Credit Rating Average Annual Rate
Very Poor $2,043
Fair $1,264
Good $1,056
Very Good $957
Exceptional $853

Boise Auto Insurance Premiums By ZIP Code

Boise's neighborhoods differ from one another in terms of things like crime rate and population density. As a result, some insurance providers charge variable prices depending on a driver's area. However, the majority offer a single fee for the entire city. So, expect to pay high insurance premiums if you live in an area with high crime, theft, or accident rates.

The following are the cost of car insurance in Boise based on some ZIP Codes.

ZIP Code Average Annual Rate
83702 $1,558
83703 $1,554
83704 $1,561
83705 $1,555
83706 $1,549
83708 $1,581
83709 $1,576
83712 $1,552
83713 $1,597
83714 $1,582

Auto insurance in Boise: Minimum insurance requirement in Idaho

All drivers in Boise, Idaho, must meet these minimum insurance requirements.

  • Bodily injury liability per person - $25,000
  • Bodily injury liability per accident - $50,000
  • Property damage liability per accident - $15,000
  • Underinsured/uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident

Useful Info For Driving In Boise

According to reports, Boise has the worst traffic in the nation. You know how tough it will be to drive around the city as it is the most populated in Idaho. The heavy traffic can reduce your travel range by 14.4 miles compared to how far you can drive in the same period when the roads are clear. Here is some tips info on road transport in the city.

  • I-84, which connects Boise with Portland, Oregon, and Salt Lake City, Utah, is the main interstate that runs through the city.
  • Additionally, Interstate 184, a nearly 5-mile long freeway linking I-84 with the downtown Boise region, provides access to people of the Boise region. Highway 55 splits off in the northeast.

Auto Theft Statistics in Boise

Boise has the fourth-highest auto theft rate in the state. Fortunately, Boise has a lower auto theft rate than the state average. In 2019, the auto theft rate was 99.9 per 100,000 persons, lower than the state average and the national average rate of 219.

Boise theft rate (per 100,000 persons) United States theft rate (per 100,000 persons)
99.9 219

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Accident Statistics in Boise

Though the most populated city in the state, the city has a low accident rate. In 2019, around nine vehicles were involved in fatal accidents. On the other hand, 12 persons were involved in fatal accidents, causing eight fatalities. Additionally, there were two fatal accidents involving drunk persons, and five pedestrians were involved in fatal accidents in Boise.

Car Insurance Companies in Boise, ID

Are you looking for the best car insurance companies in Boise, Idaho? The insurers in the city claim that they provide thorough coverage at competitive prices. In addition, our car insurance agents in Boise can help you understand the state's most complicated laws, coverages, insurance terms, and discounts. So if you're searching for cheap auto insurance, get in touch with our car insurance agents in Boise.

These are a few of the city's major insurers.

State Farm USAA
Liberty Mutual Auto-Owners
Progressive American Family
Farm Bureau Travelers
Farmers Nationwide

Driving Conditions in Boise

  • Driving conditions are fair.
  • Boise traffic is hard to navigate.
  • On average, there are 87 rainy days per year. Rain averages 13 inches.
  • Snowfall averages almost 18 inches.

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

The auto insurance rates published in this guide are based on the results of research completed by’s data team. Using a mix of public and internal data, we analyzed millions of rate averages across U.S. ZIP codes.

Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with


How much is car insurance in Boise, Idaho?

On average, car insurance in Boise costs a driver around $1,056 annually.

Is car insurance cheaper in Boise, Idaho?

Though slightly higher than the state average rate, Boise auto insurance rates are lower than the national average rate.

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Learn more by city and state for car insurance

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