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Key takeaways

  • The typical cost of Lexus IS 300 car insurance is $1782 annually.
  • The IS 300 Sedan model has the least annual insurance premiums, coming in at $1782.
  • The Lexus IS 300 is one of the less expensive midsize luxury cars to insure, with average annual insurance costs of $232 less than comparable midsize luxury cars.

Lexus IS 300 Car Insurance Cost

For owners of Lexus IS 300 cars, the annual average cost of auto insurance is $1782. However, specific charges vary depending on the model; for example, the Es 350 F-Sport has an annual insurance cost of $406 more than the GX 460 Luxury.

If you own a Lexus, you presumably place high importance on the qualities that Lexus is known for, including dependability, usability, and quality that endures.

The same requirements apply to your insurance coverage. To avoid wasting your time with poor customer service, you must pick a company that provides the appropriate solutions at the right pricing.

Insurance company Average Cost
Dairyland $3432
Nationwide $3510
National General $3282
Aspire $2358
Infinity $3138
Kemper $2694
Allstate $3006
Clearcover $2751
State Auto $2022
Assurance America $2439

Are Lexus IS 300s Expensive to Insure?

A Lexus IS 300 costs $8 less per year for car insurance than a Lexus ES 350, $117 less than a BMW 530i, and $1167 less than an Audi A3 compared to popular midsize luxury cars.

An auto insurance policy for an IS 300 costs an average of $1786 yearly, whereas the category average policy costs $2,018 annually, a difference of $232 annually.

Make and Model Annual Rates
Acura ILX $1638
Lexus RC 300 $1686
Mercedes-Benz AMG CLA35 $1710
BMW i4 $1750
Cadillac CT5 $1761
Mercedes-Benz AMG CLA45 $1779
Mercedes-Benz CLA250 $1797
Genesis G80 $1842
Audi S5 $1852
BMW 530i $1899
Audi A3 $2949

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What Impacts the Cost of Lexus IS 300 Car Insurance?

Age of the Vehicle

The age of your Lexus Is 300 and is one of the main determinants of your insurance quote. As a result, the annual car insurance rate might vary by as much as $165.

Model Year and Vehicle Annual Rate
2022 $5778
2021 $4182
2020 $5865
2019 $3255
2018 $4161
2017 $4158
2016 $3603

Driver Age

If you're a young driver, you might think that finding good car insurance at a reasonable price requires you to possess actual superpowers. That's because, regardless of their driving history, most insurance companies classify individuals under 25 as "high-risk drivers."

The reasoning is sound: teenage drivers tend to have statistically greater accident rates since they have less experience behind the wheel. Even with perfect records, companies increase the premiums for young drivers to reflect their perceived risk.

Age Annual Rates
Teen Driver $5874
20 $3642
30 $1689
40 $1611
50 $1470
60 $1440

Driver Location

The cost of insurance for a Lexus IS 300 might vary greatly depending on where you reside. Once more, buyers or replacement buyers of luxury sports sedans may see higher sales prices in several regions of the nation.

On occasion, it might even change depending on the model. But, again, rates vary based on where you reside when you factor in factors like crime rates, commuting times, and other daily hazards your car encounters.

Cities Annual Rates
Los Angeles, CA $2649
New York, NY $2442
Houston, TX $2421
Jacksonville, FL $2241
Philadelphia, PA $2088
Chicago, IL $2058
Phoenix, AZ $1800
Seattle, WA $1500
Indianapolis, IN $1320
Columbus, OH $1293

Your Driving Record

Things do happen. And when those things happen, whether it's that speeding ticket you received or the DUI you received following that night of reckless behavior in college, insurance companies are likely to raise your premiums and even classify you as a "high-risk driver."

You or your insurance policy don't have to fit into that description. is an expert at handling high-risk driver insurance costs. You don't have to overpay for insurance just because you're a young driver; being young does not automatically make you a risky driver.

Driving Violation Average Cost
Clean Record $1782
Failure to Obey Traffic Sign $4650
Speeding over 15 $4628
Improper Passing $4359
Speeding under 15 $3741

Lexus IS 300 Crash Test Ratings

Your Lexus IS 300 auto insurance rates may vary depending on the Lexus IS 300's crash test results.

Vehicle Tested Overall Stars Frontal Stars Side Stars Rollover Stars
2020 Lexus IS 300 4 DR RWD 5 4 5 5
2020 Lexus IS 300 4 DR AWD 5 4 5 5

Lexus IS 300 Safety Features

Insurance companies may offer discounts on your auto insurance if your Lexus IS 300 has good safety features. The 2020 Lexus IS 300 has the following security features:

  • Driver Air Bag
  • Head Air Bag in Front
  • Back Head Airbag
  • Airbag on the front side
  • Airbag on the backside
  • Four-wheel ABS
  • Brakes on four wheels
  • Brake Support
  • Electronic Stabilization System
  • Daylight Running Lamps
  • Parental Control Locks
  • Mirrors with integrated turn signals
  • Traction management
  • Headlights with Auto-Leveling Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Warning for lane departure
  • Lane Maintaining Assist
  • Alert for Cross-Traffic

Lexus IS 300 Safety Ratings

The safety ratings of the Lexus IS 300 impact your Lexus IS 300 auto insurance prices. Below is a breakdown:

Test Type Rating
Small overlap front: driver-side Good
Small overlap front: passenger-side Not Tested
Moderate overlap front Good
Side Good
Roof strength Good
Head restraints and seats Good

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How to Save on Lexus IS 300 Car Insurance

There are a few straightforward strategies for young drivers to reduce their rates:

Look for businesses that provide reasonable student discounts if you are in school and have a B average or higher. Discuss joining a family plan with your friends and family. Sharing your insurance with an older, statistically safer driver may be possible to optimize your coverage and rate.

Enroll in a driving safety course. Many businesses offer discounts to young drivers willing to take defensive driving lessons. If you drive carefully and remain a loyal customer for a while, you may be eligible for several discounts.

Utilize the technological know-how of your generation and a telematics program to monitor your driving. As a result, you can qualify for insurance savings and other benefits depending on how you drive (and not just your age).

You might have a spotless driving record and a respectable amount of experience. But why are your insurance prices still so high? Your zip code might contain the solution. However, because of factors such as local crime rates, statistics on traffic accidents, and histories of natural disasters, insurance rates can differ dramatically from one state to the next and even within individual city blocks.

The main factor is a risk. The risk to your car increases if you reside in an area with a high likelihood of auto theft, traffic accidents, or bad weather. Your insurance provider will consider the likelihood of expensive claims in your neighborhood when determining your rate.

How do I find the best Lexus IS 300 car insurance rates?

Comparison shopping is the game's name when looking for savings on auto insurance.

It works because each insurance provider employs a different algorithm to determine your rate. Therefore, the only method to discover the proper coverage at the best price is to compare quotes unless you can automatically detect the optimal algorithm for your car, age, zip code, etc.

Download the app and let us handle the algorithms (and the savings) if you prefer a different approach. You can instantly access's pool of more than 130 top insurance providers by responding to a few short questions, and you can view rate comparisons in as little as 45 seconds.

We mean that. Insurance carriers frequently give discounts to customers who install anti-theft equipment and modern safety technology in their vehicles. So install a GPS tracker or collision avoidance system in your car to increase your driving safety and insurance rates!

Look, we get that the interesting accessory the salesperson showed you at the dealership was well worth the cost. Perhaps it is true. However, one of the simplest ways to reduce insurance costs is to limit the number of unnecessary features.

Is that improved sound system so fantastic that you fell in love with it? Yes, it will increase your rate. The power moonroof, heated seats, and leather upholstery will all be included. That's because they raise the worth of your car, which also raises the amount of any potential claims.

So don't give in to the impulse to customize unless the increased price is justifiable.

Driving safely might genuinely put money back in your wallet. Of course, tickets will drive up your rate, but maintaining a spotless record can qualify you for savings.

Don't worry if you already have a less than stellar driving past; can still uncover affordable rates and help you become a better driver—all from your phone!

The good news is that most insurance providers give discounts for anything from military service and safe driving to online payments and good grades. The bad news is that you sometimes seek discounts because businesses don't always advertise them.

When comparing firms, can assist you in identifying the finest discounts for you. Just be sure to bring up discounts!

Bottom Line

Insuring a Lexus IS 300 costs around $225 more annually than insuring a typical car. A typical year of full coverage costs $1782 or $150 a month. However, by adopting safe driving practices, good drivers can save up to $971 per year on insurance premium discounts.

Using our free online service, you can compare Lexus IS 300 car insurance quotes from some of the best auto insurance providers immediately.

How to get Lexus IS 300 Car Insurance with

However, because every business is unique, weighing your options can quickly become overwhelming. Shopping with is the fastest method to find the best coverage at the lowest cost. After receiving competitive, customized estimates in less than a minute from top-rated insurers, you can examine and choose coverage options on the app. The best part is that regularly monitors insurance prices every six months to ensure you still carry the best coverage.

However, how can you find the correct insurance with all the various insurers and policy choices available? Downloading the app is simple. can find the best coverage alternatives for your Lexus within 45 seconds as a registered broker with over 55 partner firms!

With the assistance of's insurance professionals, transferring plans is practically painless—there are no intrusive phone calls, no extra paperwork, and no long wait times.

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

The auto insurance rates published in this guide are based on the results of research completed by’s data team. Using a mix of public and internal data, we analyzed millions of rate averages across U.S. ZIP codes.

Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is insurance for a Lexus IS 300?

The typical cost of Lexus IS 300 car insurance is $1782 annually.

What is the average car insurance cost for Lexus IS 300?

The IS 300 Sedan model has the least annual insurance premiums, coming in at $1782.

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