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Car insurance in Rochester, NY (June 2023)

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One can only imagine driving through New York's fourth-largest city, with an extensive system of expressways that connects every part of the city and the New York State Thruway. Even when a majority of the population takes public transit, almost 75 percent own cars. Hence, it is mandatory for every driver to insure their cars with the coverage that suits them the best.

How much does car insurance cost in Rochester City?

Rochester City, being a thriving hub, pays lower insurance rates than the New York state average which is higher than the national average. A typical driver in Rochester will have to pay $1302 on average.

Rochester Average New York Average National Average
$1302 $1710 $1554

Rochester City Auto Insurance Premiums by Company

Being the heart of a happening state, Rochester City is home to almost every major insurance provider. One must utilize the freedom to compare the quotes, discounts, and coverage options provided by different providers, to choose the best that suits your profile.

Among the providers hosted in Rochester City, NYCM provides the cheapest rates followed by Newyork Central Mutual Fire. All State, with its impressive profile, is one of the expensive providers which is still on a similar tab to that of the New York average.

Insurance Company Average Yearly Rate
NYCM Insurance $1181
Progressive $1311
State Farm $1690
Allstate $1763

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Rochester City Auto Insurance Premiums by Age Group

Age is an important non-driving factor that categorizes a driver as risky or non-risky. Teenage drivers fall under the risky category by paying almost thrice more than the city average. Drivers above the age of 60 pay the least.

Age Bracket Average Yearly Rate
Teenagers $4115
20s $1727
30s $1293
40s $1269
50s $1219
60s $1257

Rochester City Auto Insurance Premiums by Marital Status

The marital status of a driver can influence the insurance premium rates. In Rochester City, married drivers pay less than single drivers. Statistics prove that married drivers file fewer claims hence they enjoy the less expensive premium rates.

Marital Status Average Yearly Rate
Married $1260
Single $1260
Divorced $1298
Widowed $1298

Rochester City Auto Insurance Premiums by Gender

Gender also acts as a major non-driving factor along with age influencing the insurance rates irrespective of the location or driving history. The average yearly rate for females in Rochester City tends to be slightly higher than male drivers.

Gender Average Yearly Rate
Male $1302
Female $1343

Rochester City Auto Insurance Premiums by Driving Record

Having a clean driving record will help maintain an affordable premium rate with your insurer. If you are a driver with fewer or no claims then you are recognized as a low-risk driver. This will moderate your insurance premium rates to lower tabs after considering other factors like age, gender, credit score, and marital status.

In Rochester City, DUI and reckless driving can increase your insurance premium by $639 and $720 respectively.

Driving Violation/Incident Average Yearly Rate
At-fault Accidents Damages <$1000 Damages >$2000
$1339 $1755
DUI/DWI $2016
Reckless Driving $1934
Speeding Tickets $1585

Rochester City Auto Insurance Premiums by Credit Rating

Another major non-driving factor that has a direct impact on your profile is the Credit or FICO scores. Statistically, it shows that those who have fair to exceptional credit scores tend to file lesser claims hence eligible for around 65 percent reduction in the rates in Rochester City.

Credit Tier Average Rate
Exceptional $1108
Very Good $1202
Good $1302
Fair $1589
Very Poor $3127

Rochester City Auto Insurance Premiums by Zip Code

There can be a difference in payment even within the city due to the theft and vandalism rates, weather-related events which can sometimes be a threat to your car, and accident rates. In the case of Rochester City, residents living in ZIP code 14624 pay almost $28 less on average when compared to those living in 14609.

What would increase your car insurance rates in Rochester City?

Though the residents of Rochester City enjoy less premiums than the state average, they can still face a surge in their premium rates under the influence of the following factors.

Frequency of accidents and traffic

Rochester City is densely populated and the number of cars on its roads at any given time could be more than average. This congestion is a cause of accidents, therefore a greater number of claims.

Crime Rate

The crime rate of Rochester City may not be as much as that of New York but it is still more dangerous than many cities that are almost equal in size.


Hurricanes and ice storms are frequent in New York. Rochester City, being in close proximity, experiences the same. Its closeness to Lake Ontario makes Rochester a flood-prone area. Thus, companies calculate their rates based on the probability of these weather conditions.

Rochester City Stats

Car thefts and uninsured motorists, the crime rates apart from the driving and non-driving factors also influence the insurance rates. Rochester has reported high motor theft rates, but comparatively fewer fatal accidents.

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Auto Theft Statistics in Rochester City

Rochester has one of the highest rates of motor vehicle thefts. The chances of your car being stolen in the city is one in 230.

Accident Statistics in Rochester City

The statistics show that the number of fatal accidents ranges from twelve to forty-five per year. The crashes leading to personal injury count to 4430 per year.  Driving can be dangerous in Rochester due to the high number of intersections. 

Tips for driving in Rochester City

Be weather-ready

Rochester is a flood-prone area, as well as witnessing severe weather conditions like hurricanes and ice storms. One should watch out for such events and also take the appropriate coverage that will protect your car against them.

Follow the rules to avoid tickets

Even when you enjoy the cheaper premium rates as a Rochester driver, if you receive a ticket for a violation or DUI your rates can increase tremendously. 

Map your routes for intersections

Most of the accidents that occur in Rochester happen at the dangerous intersections which are abundant in the city. It is important you map your route before your journey so that you are aware of the intersections that you will have to cross.

Safely park your car

Since Rochester is infamous for its auto theft rates, make sure you park your car in a garage or a safe place. 


Best Car Insurance Companies in Rochester City

These are the prominent insurance providers in the city.

Insurance Companies in Rochester
NYCM Insurance
State Farm

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

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Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is car insurance in Rochester?

The average annual insurance rate for car insurance in Rochester is $1302.

Why is car insurance so expensive in Rochester?

The major reasons for the increased rates in Rochester are the weather incidents, high auto theft, and accident frequency.

How can I get the cheapest car insurance in Rochester?

You can always opt for the state minimum insurance to save on the premium cost. Since this won’t cover you completely, raising your deductibles will reduce your bill but cover you at the same time during an accident.

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