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Key Takeaways

  • The annual car insurance rate in Baton Rouge is $2861.
  • State Farm and Southern Farm Bureau offer the cheapest rates in the city.
  • Young drivers and those with driving violations pay high insurance premiums in Baton Rouge.


It is not very hard to visualize driving around the city of Baton Rouge. The second largest and the capital city of Louisiana is a populous city and a happening town. Like in every other town, auto insurance is mandatory, and the rates at which you get one are heavily dependent on a variety of driving and non-driving factors.

One can always research for insurance providers that offer affordable quotes based on your needs and driving history. If you are a resident of Baton Rouge or if you have recently moved to the town, you must be aware of the general insurance trend of the city. The average car insurance rates, the best insurance companies, and the factors that influence the rates in the city, in particular, will be reviewed here.

How much does car insurance cost in Baton Rouge, Louisiana?

The average yearly car insurance rate in the city of Baton Rouge is higher than the state and national averages. A driver with a regular driving history will have to pay $2861 in the city for their car insurance.

Baton Rouge Average Louisiana Average National Average
$2861 $2385 $1557

Auto Insurance Requirements in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Proof of liability insurance is mandatory to drive a car in the city of Baton Rouge. Carrying proof of insurance is a legal requirement in the state. If you are to lease or finance your car, full coverage is mandatory. However, having a collision and comprehensive coverage is highly recommended to avoid out-of-pocket expenses.

  • $15,000 per person for bodily injury
  • $30,000 per accident for injuries to people
  • $25,000 of property damage liability coverage

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Baton Rouge Auto Insurance Premiums by Company

Since Baton Rouge is the capital city, you can expect the presence of prominent insurance providers in the city. This will offer you better options and wider room for comparison of the insurance rates. State Farm and Southern Farm Bureau offer the cheapest rates in the city.

Insurance Company Average Yearly Rate
Southern Farm Bureau $2444
Safeway $3880
Progressive $3282
State Farm $2326
Allstate $3096

Baton Rouge Auto Insurance Premiums by Age Group

The dependence of age on car insurance premium rates in Baton Rouge is similar to any other city. The younger you are, the higher your insurance rates will be. In Baton Rouge, teenagers pay almost seven times the average rate. The insurance rates for drivers above the age of thirty falls almost within a similar range of rates.

Age Bracket Average Yearly Rate
Teenagers $14138
20s $3860
30s $2837
40s $2782
50s $2530
60s $2819

Baton Rouge Auto Insurance Premiums by Marital Status

In Baton Rouge, a married driver can save $109 per year on auto insurance compared to a single driver. Widows also receive significant discounts compared to their single counterparts. Observing the rates according to marital status, we observe that single drivers in Baton Rouge pay lower rates than widowed drivers.

Marital Status Average Yearly Rate
Married $2752
Single $2752
Divorced $2861
Widowed $2848

Baton Rouge Auto Insurance Premiums by Gender

The influence of gender on the car insurance rates in Baton Rouge tends to work against the statistics in fashion. Here, the female drivers pay $176 more than the male drivers in the city.

Gender Average Yearly Rate
Male $2861
Female $3037

Baton Rouge Auto Insurance Premiums by Driving Record

One of the easiest ways to lower your insurance rates is to maintain a clean driving record. A driving record without citations, accidents, or tickets can keep the car insurance rates aligned to the average rates in Baton Rouge. Speeding tickets, DUI, and reckless driving can increase the rates by at least $500 and $1500.

Driving Violation/Incident Average Yearly Rate
At-fault Accidents Damages <$1000 Damages >$2000
$4205 $4237
DUI/DWI $4193
Reckless Driving $4063
Speeding Tickets $3411

Baton Rouge Auto Insurance Premiums by Credit Rating

Another major non-driving factor that directly impacts your profile is the Credit or FICO scores. Statistically, it shows that those who have fair to exceptional credit scores tend to file fewer claims. Even though the rates can vary with insurance providers, a driver with a poor credit score will have to pay at least $5500 on average.

Credit Tier Average Yearly Rate
Exceptional $2355
Very Good $2608
Good $2861
Fair $3581
Very Poor $5541

Baton Rouge Auto Insurance Premiums by Zip Code

ZIP codes determine the cheaper and costlier neighborhoods within the city. In Baton Rouge, thefts, accidents, and uninsured motorists influence auto insurance rates. You might experience an increase of at least $8 in the rates within the neighborhood.

The most expensive neighborhoods in Baton Rouge are 70819, 70814, 70802, 70812, and 70805. The areas with cheaper auto insurance rates are 70820, 70803, 70808, 70810, and 70817.

ZIP CODE Average Annual Yearly Rate
70801 $3552
70802 $3697
70803 $3294
70805 $3761
70806 $3616
70807 $3776
70808 $3189
70809 $3280
70810 $3306
70811 $3661
70813 $3556
70814 $3678
70815 $3651
70816 $3453
70819 $3464
70820 $3258
70825 $3525
70827 $3279
70836 $3399

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What would increase your car insurance rates in Baton Rouge?

Baton Rouge Stats

The accident and car theft rates are also crucial factors in determining car insurance in any place.

Auto Theft Statistics

The auto theft rate in Baton Rouge is higher than the national average. Since the chances of being a victim of property theft are higher in the city, the car insurance rates tend to be automatically higher.

Baton Rouge Auto Theft Rate per 100,000 National Auto Theft Rate per 100,000
362.1 220

Accident Statistics

Speeding and driving negligence are the main reasons for crashes in Baton Rouge. The general trend points to the fact that for every 100,000 residents, an average of 16.6 accidents occur in the city.

How to save on auto insurance in Baton Rouge, Louisiana?

Shopping around for insurance quotes with different providers can give you a head start on getting the affordable option for you. There are several hacks you can follow to reduce the insurance premium rates.

  • Compare and Purchase

Thorough online research can help in choosing the best insurance provider that suits your needs.

  • Delay your License

This might not seem to be a welcome move to many, but considering the car insurance premiums for teenagers, there can be a considerable reduction in the rate if you are an older driver in the city. However, one can always make use of good student discounts and bundle your policies to reduce the premiums.

  • Increase your Deductible

Even though a higher deductible can reduce your accident claim, it can also reduce vehicle insurance premiums. To make it a feasible option, compare deductible alternatives to discover if a reduced deductible delivers savings, then choose one that meets your budget and comfort level.

  • Look for Discounts

Always look for discounts when you are purchasing insurance in Charleston. Most providers give multipolicy discounts, telematics discounts, good driver discounts, and bundling discounts. This can make a huge difference in the premium rates.

Tips for Driving in Baton Rouge

Be Weather Ready

As a driver in the city, one must always be equipped to drive under extreme conditions of rain, thunderstorm, and sometimes hurricanes.

Average Annual Rainfall Average Annual Snowfall Rainy Days Sunny Days
68 in. 0 in 116 days 214 days

Unavailability of PIP

The state doesn't require Personal Injury Protection (PIP). Even if PIP is unavailable, you are eligible for medical payments if you are involved in an accident.

Best Car Insurance Companies in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Insurance Companies
Southern Farm Bureau
State Farm

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

The auto insurance rates published in this guide are based on the results of research completed by’s data team. Using a mix of public and internal data, we analyzed millions of rate averages across U.S. ZIP codes.

Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is car insurance per month in Baton Rouge, Louisiana?

A driver with a regular driving history will have to pay $2861 in the city for their car insurance.

Is car insurance high in Baton Rouge?

The average yearly car insurance rate in the city of Baton Rouge is higher than the state and national averages. Both driving and non-driving factors, along with high accident rates, are a reason for the high car insurance in the capital of Louisiana.

How to find cheap insurance rates in Baton Rouge, Louisiana?

The best way to find the most affordable rates that align with your driving history and needs is by shopping around. guides you with our analysis of the best car insurance coverage companies nationally based on financial strength, customer service, protection, and price, all of which might influence your insurance coverage experience.

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