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Key Takeaways

  • Massachusetts has an average annual vehicle insurance cost of $1,201, or $100 per month, which is 15.8% cheaper than the national average.
  • The lowest rates are paid by drivers in their 60s, who pay roughly $1595 a year.
  • The most detrimental offense to have on your record in Massachusetts is getting a ticket of $3476 for reckless driving.
  • One of the few states that forbid the use of credit score, gender, and marital status as rating variables in the pricing of auto insurance in Massachusetts.
  • Other than where you live, other factors can affect the cost of car insurance. The cost of car insurance is determined by a variety of factors, including your age, gender, driving record, and more.

How Much does car insurance cost in Worcester?

The average Worcester motorist spends $1,876 a year on auto insurance. That is more expensive than both the Massachusetts average ($1,475) and the national average ($1,557).

Worcester Average (annual) Massachusetts Average National Average
$1876 $1475 $1557

Auto Insurance Cost by Company in Worcester

The insurance provider you use is one of the most significant factors in determining your auto insurance premiums. The most affordable insurance in Worcester, MA, for the typical insurance buyer is provided by Safety. The greatest Worcester, Massachusetts, options for cheap car insurance are listed below. Get vehicle insurance rates depending on your driving history.

Company Average Annual Premium
Safety $1370
Plymouth $1371
Arbella $1752
Metropolitan $2027

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Auto Insurance Cost by Age in Worcester

Drivers in their 60s pay an average of $1,595 a year for vehicle insurance in Worcester, making them the age group that benefits from the lowest rates. The price increase for those in their 50s is negligible ($1,671).

Worcester has the highest auto insurance rates for young drivers. When Worcester drivers reach their 20s, their insurance costs significantly decrease. Teenage drivers in Worcester pay $6,070 in insurance or $4,411 more than the next-highest premium for their age category.

Age Group Average Annual Premium
Teens $6070
20s $2400
30s $1825
40s $1759
50s $1671
60s $1595
70s $1688

Auto Insurance Cost by Marital Status in Worcester

In Worcester, married drivers' auto insurance costs are $7 cheaper than unmarried drivers. Widowed people also pay far less in rates than single people do. It's interesting to note that in Worcester, single drivers pay more than widowed drivers.

Marital Status Average Annual Premium
Single $1869
Married $1869
Divorced $1869
Widowed $1869

Auto Insurance Cost by Gender in Worcester

Another element that may affect auto insurance premiums is gender. In Worcester, nevertheless, insurance costs are the same for both sexes.

Gender Average Annual Premium
Male $1876
Female $1876

Auto Insurance Cost by Driving Violation in Worcester

No matter where you live, the easiest method to keep your vehicle insurance rates low is to avoid collisions and tickets. Insurance firms give low-risk drivers the gift of low rates in order to incentivize them to drive safely and reward at-fault accidents, DUIs, reckless driving tickets, and speeding tickets.

Driving while intoxicated and driving recklessly are two of the most expensive tickets. When compared to the citywide average, reckless driving convictions in Worcester result in $1,600 annual insurance rate hikes. While a ticket for speeding results in a $583 rate rise, a DUI violation might result in a $1,442 increase.

Violation Average Annual Premium
DUI/ DWI $3318
Reckless driving $3476
At-fault accident (damage less than $1000) $2259
At-fault accident (damage greater than $2000) $3168
Speeding ticket $2459

Auto Insurance Cost by Credit Score in Worcester

Credit score is another important component in insurance rating. Car insurance is often more expensive for drivers with poor credit records than it is for those with excellent credit.

However, Massachusetts is one of several states that have made it illegal for a driver's premium to be influenced by their credit score. Drivers in Worcester who have bad or great credit pay the same premium as long as all other rating variables stay the same.

Auto Insurance Cost by Zip Code in Worcester

Depending on where they live, drivers may pay more or less than the average annual insurance rates for cities and states. Each neighborhood's auto insurance rates are influenced by a variety of variables, including the frequency of car thefts and accidents there.

Worcester is an exception to this rule, though. Regardless of the ZIP code, city drivers pay an average of $1,145 annually for auto insurance.

Zip code Average Annual Premium
01604 $1145
01605 $1145

What would increase your car insurance rate in Worcester?

In addition to the criteria for personal injury protection coverage and the frequency of auto thefts in a certain area, individual driver needs, and history also affect car insurance costs in Worcester.

The cost of premiums might vary greatly depending on Worcester's position among the 300 largest cities in the United States in terms of population.

Worcester Auto Theft and Accident Statistics

  • Worcester ranks 321 in case of auto thefts and accidents.
  • The average auto insurance cost in Worcester adds up to $1409.
  • Individual drivers experience vehicle accidents every 4.5 years on average.
  • Compared to the national average, the accident likelihood was 120.7 percent higher.
  • There were 4.4 fatal accidents per 100,000 people.
  • Both the risk of auto theft and the risk associated with using a vehicle were rated as "least safe."

Auto Insurance in Worcester: Minimum Insurance Requirements in Massachusetts

All motorists operating a vehicle in Massachusetts must carry a minimum level of liability insurance and be able to produce proof of insurance to law authorities upon request. Worcester drivers need to make sure the following coverage is included in their insurance policies

Liability Coverage
Bodily Injury Liability $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident.
Property Damage Liability $5000 per incident
Personal Injury Protection $8000 per person
Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury $20,000 per person/$40,000 per accident.

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Tips for safe driving in Worcester

  • Turn signs will reveal your upcoming action. A genuine Massachusetts motorist never employs them. They might not be used in Boston legally.
  • You must always maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you; otherwise, someone else will occupy that space, putting you in an even more hazardous situation.
  • Never block an older vehicle that requires considerable bodywork. With no-fault insurance in Massachusetts, the other driver has nothing to lose.
  • Please keep in mind that Massachusetts is called the Bay State for a reason. Be sure to keep to the road.
  • Be able to swerve sharply. Because of the DOT, which plants potholes in various areas to test drivers' reactions, Massachusetts is the birthplace of high-speed slalom driving.
  • Speed restrictions are arbitrary numbers that are just provided as recommendations and don't appear to be enforced during rush hour.

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By comparing auto insurance rates, you may find affordable coverage in Worcester, Massachusetts. Through the App, you can find low-cost auto insurance in Worcester, Connecticut. Log in, fill out your information, and one of our specialists will contact you.

How much does car insurance cost in Worcester, MA?

Worcester's average annual car insurance costs $1876.

Is car insurance expensive in Worcester?

By comparing auto insurance rates in Stamford, Connecticut, you can find affordable coverage. The App offers cheap auto insurance in Stamford, Connecticut. Log in, provide your information, and a member of our team will contact you.

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