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Key Takeaways

  • By comparing car insurance rates from various companies, you can save at least $996 in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • If you don't have a military background, then State Farm provides cheap car insurance in Madison, WI.
  • Wisconsin is an at-fault state.

How much does car insurance cost in Madison?

Madison, Wisconsin, is one of the nation's most popular college towns. In addition, the University of Wisconsin in Madison is surrounded by picturesque natural areas, such as Lakeshore Path and Picnic Point.

The city is home to over 250,000 people and offers a good blend of natural attractions, gastronomy, nightlife, and entertainment. The city's most famous attractions are State Street, the Chazen Museum of Art, the Arboretum, and a dazzling array of festivals, live music, and farmer's markets.

Madison, Wisconsin, has something special for everyone, not just university students.

As the state capital and second-largest city in Wisconsin, Madison is one of the Midwest's must-see cities. And as the local tech industry grows, Madison continues to expand. In such a busy area, you need auto insurance that protects you.

Car insurance in Madison, WI, will set you back by $1161 annually. However, that is less expensive than the national average of $1,548 and the Wisconsin state average of $1188.

By reading on, you might learn more about the costs you might anticipate in Madison based on your marital status, age, credit score, and other relevant variables. Get the right car insurance based on your needs.

Madison rates vs Wisconsin and National Average

The average yearly cost for drivers in Madison is only $1161, although a few insurance providers offer policies with far lower average prices.

Although drivers in Madison already have access to low auto insurance, you can save even more money by comparing policies. can assist you in obtaining the best car insurance quotes in Madison, WI, from all leading car insurance companies.

Madison Average (annual) Wisconsin Average United States Average
$1161 $1188 $1557

Madison Auto Insurance Premiums by Company

Rates for auto insurance might vary significantly from one company to another. Make sure to compare quotes specific to your driving profile after using this information as a starting point.

There is no single Madison car insurance company that gives the best rates to everyone. If you've recently relocated or are trying to maximize your coverage, comparing multiple rates from different companies is your best option.

Sound like a drag? It can be completed in a matter of seconds with the app, saving you time and money while providing you with the BEST coverage!

Insurance Company Average Rate (annual)
USAA $657
State Farm $840
Erie $858
West Bend Mutual $870

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Madison Auto Insurance Premiums by Age Group

In Madison, being in your 60s gets you one of the lowest car insurance rates. Those who fall into this age bracket pay $1011 annually on average.

Young drivers in their 20s pay one of the highest insurance premiums.

Age tier Average Yearly Rate
20s $1512
30s $1110
60s $1011

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Madison Auto Insurance Premiums by Marital Status

In many cases, marital status will affect the rates of car insurance quotes in Madison, WI.

Married drivers in Madison pay $120 less for auto insurance than single drivers. Evidence indicates they make fewer insurance claims, so married drivers often pay lower rates than their single counterparts.

Marital Status Average Annual Rate
Single $1002
Married $882
Divorced $1110
Widowed $1089

Madison Auto Insurance Premiums by Gender

Another element that may impact the cost of auto insurance is gender. For example, there is a $21 difference in annual car insurance premiums between male and female drivers in Madison.

Gender Average Annual Rate
Female $1110
Male $1131

Madison Auto Insurance Premiums by Driving Record

Keep your driving record spotless if you want to keep the cost of your auto insurance low. Insurance firms give low-risk drivers the gift of low rates to incentivize them to drive safely and reward at-fault accidents, DUIs, reckless driving tickets, and speeding tickets.

Driving while intoxicated and driving recklessly are two of the most expensive tickets. Compared to the citywide average, reckless driving convictions in Madison result in insurance rate hikes of $513 annually.

While a ticket for speeding results in a $222 rate increase, a DUI charge might result in a $420 rise.

Incident/Violation Average Yearly Rate
DUI/DWI $1,581
Reckless Driving $1,674
At-fault Accident (damages less than $1,000) $1,532
At-fault Accident (damages greater than $2,000) $1,645
Speeding Ticket $1,383

Madison Auto Insurance by Credit Rating

The amount of credit a driver has often significantly impacts how much their auto insurance will cost.

Drivers in Madison who raise their credit scores from the "Very Poor" tier (300-579) to the "Exceptional" tier (800-850) get an average 60% reduction in their auto insurance rates. Saving money on auto insurance requires moving from "Very Poor" to "Fair" credit.

Your annual car insurance costs in Madison might drop by if you raise your credit score to "Fair."

Credit Score Average Yearly Rate
Very Poor $2262
Fair $1359
Good $1125
Very Good $1020
Exceptional $903

Madison Auto Insurance by ZIP Code

Your car insurance premiums is influenced by where you reside in Madison. Where you live is one of the main determinants of the car insurance premiums you'll pay, along with your driving record and credit score.

The cause? By ZIP code, crime, theft, and uninsured drivers differ. Therefore, if you live in a community where people don't get along, car insurance companies may view you as a high risk to cover, resulting in higher rates than those of a nearby friend.

Madison, regrettably, is not an exception to the rule.

Zip Code Annual Premiums
53703 $999
53704 $1029
53705 $1008
53706 $1005
53711 $1002
53713 $1002
53714 $1011
53715 $996
53716 $1014
53717 $1023

It's not just your state and city that insurance companies consider when determining location-based factors for car insurance prices. Your ZIP code may also impact your insurance prices.

Uninsured drivers, accidents, and crimes like auto theft may occur more frequently in some neighborhoods. Drivers in those areas would consequently probably have to pay more for insurance.

However, since they pose less risk to the insurance provider, drivers in lower-risk areas should anticipate paying cheaper insurance premiums.

Due to state rules and risk evaluations linked with zip codes, your cost could vary from state to state, city to city, and even block to block. With so many variables, determining the optimal coverage becomes dizzyingly complicated.

This is why exists: to make it easier to compare auto insurance quotes from over 200 leading car insurance companies. Compare car insurance rates from various companies to get the best premiums for yourself.

What would increase your car insurance rate in Madison?

Since auto insurance rates are continuously fluctuating, it's a good idea to be aware of the local trends in your area before shopping. For example, in recent years, auto insurance premiums in Madison have fluctuated; they reduced in 2017, climbed in 2019, decreased again in 2021, and reached $1161 in 2022.

Car insurance rate hikes in Madison, WI, result from various economic and sociological factors, including inflation, supply chain disruptions, and changes in driving behavior.

Keep in mind, however, that rates are extremely customized. Your premium is determined by the type of car you drive, your driving and claims history, and the types and levels of coverage you select. Therefore, even if you do not file a claim, a rise in the number or cost of claims filed by other drivers in your city or state might result in higher vehicle insurance premiums for all consumers.

While we anticipate that auto insurance prices will rise in general, the increase you experience (if any) will depend on your circumstances.

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Auto theft statistics in Madison

The auto theft rate in Madison, Wisconsin, will impact your auto insurance premiums. About 549 vehicles are stolen annually in Madison, Wisconsin.

Auto insurance requirements in Madison

Wisconsin, like the majority of states, mandate that all drivers have a specific level of insurance to drive a car lawfully. You must have the following liability insurance coverages to drive in Wisconsin:

  • $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident in bodily injury liability coverage
  • $10,000 in property damage liability coverage

The nation's minimum property damage liability coverage standards are among the lowest in Wisconsin.

The person who causes an accident is financially accountable for all damages in Wisconsin because it is an at-fault state. Therefore, if an accident results in more damages than your insurance would cover, you might have to pay the difference out of pocket.

In Wisconsin, drivers must present insurance documentation at traffic stops and collisions.

You risk receiving a $500 fine if you're found driving without insurance. If you cannot provide documentation when requested, you risk receiving a $10 fee even with insurance. And last, presenting false insurance documentation could result in a $5,000 fine.

However, these are only the minimum qualifications necessary to avoid violation. In addition, the state's minimum insurance may not cover all your expenses in the event of a collision, especially if you or other passengers are hurt, or your car sustains major damage.

Experts recommend carrying more than the minimum necessary insurance coverage. As previously stated, a typical "full coverage" policy contains liability coverage, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

In addition to this coverage, you can consider special add-ons tailored to your scenario, car, and specific requirements.

Drive frequently on secluded back roads? Towing and labor coverage could save you from a difficult situation. Does a ridesharing company employ you? Then, ensure that you have ridesharing insurance.

Accidents Statistics in Madison

While car accidents are an inescapable aspect of time spent on the road, accident rates vary from city to city and state to state. The number of car accidents per driver in Madison ranks fourth among cities in Wisconsin.

Tips for Driving Safely in Madison

Madison residents travel using various means, including trains, buses, and bicycles. The average commuting time in Madison is 19.6 minutes. Madison, Wisconsin, ranks 798th in the world for traffic congestion.

Stay Aware and Prepared

Imagine halfway to your destination when you suddenly see a row of perpendicularly parked Sheriff's vehicles. A sheriff approaches you and informs you that this road is closed owing to an unanticipated obstruction.

Oh well.

You pull out your phone and discover it is not receiving a strong enough signal to display turn-by-turn navigation. You are suddenly trapped. Fortunately, this problem is simple to prevent.

Download alternative directions that will lead you to your location.

Eliminate any potential sources of distraction that could compromise your ability to drive safely once you're on the road. Therefore, you should try to avoid using your phone or eating while driving. Lastly, if you find yourself becoming drowsy while driving, pull over immediately and phone the number of someones who can assist you.

Maintain Your Car's Fluid Levels

Winter affects the fluid levels in our car. Low temperatures and freezing precipitation throughout the season decrease the fluids' quality and longevity.

Brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid are essential fluids that must be routinely inspected and topped off.

If you'd rather not deal with the trouble of completing this maintenance, take advantage of our limited-time service deals to save time and money while keeping your summer more secure.

Check Your Oil

Before checking your oil, ensure that the engine is turned off and cold to the touch. Open the car's hood when the engine is turned off and locate the dipstick.

Pull the dipstick out entirely and wipe it clean of any oil or other residue.

Once the dipstick has been thoroughly cleaned, reinsert it into its container. Then, remove it again. After removing it, you should locate the place on the dipstick where the fresh layer of oil finishes.

Every engine has a method for displaying the correct oil level. If the oil level on the dipstick is below the minimum acceptable level, you must add oil. However, if you observe that your oil is dark and granular, you may need to get your car inspected by a specialist.

Driving Conditions in Madison, Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin's road infrastructure and bridges are continually undergoing renovation. Madison's water utility companies each year repair over 150 water main breaks.

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

The auto insurance rates published in this guide are based on the results of research completed by’s data team. Using a mix of public and internal data, we analyzed millions of rate averages across U.S. ZIP codes.

Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with


Who offers the most affordable insurance rates in Madison?

USAA has the most affordable auto insurance in Madison, with an average rate of $657. State Farm has the second-lowest average premium, at $840.

What is the cost of auto insurance in Madison?

The annual average cost of car insurance in Madison, Wisconsin, is $1161. This is less expensive than the annual average cost in Wisconsin, which is $1188.

What factors impact the cost of my auto insurance?

Age, gender, region, credit score, driving record, frequency of driving, and coverage level are all variables that may affect your auto insurance premiums.

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Learn more by city and state for car insurance

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