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Key Takeaways

  • On average, buying car insurance in Little Rock will cost $1,958.
  • With an average yearly rate of $1,353, Liberty Mutual offers the most affordable car insurance in Little Rock.
  • In Arkansas, drivers must carry property damage liability coverage of at least $25,000 and bodily injury liability protection of at least $50,000 per accident.
  • Little Rock has a higher auto-theft rate than the state average.


Various factors contribute to higher auto insurance rates in cities. Some states even have lower average insurance rates when compared to their cities. For example, Arkansas has a slightly higher average insurance rate than the national average. But how about the cost of car insurance in Little Rock, Arkansas's capital and most populated city?

The fact is that Little Rock car insurance costs more than the state and national averages. But why is that so? Because Arkansas has one of the country's highest rates of uninsured drivers, car insurance may be a little more expensive there. However, Little Rock residents have access to auto insurance rates far lower than the state's average.

A driver will always focus on buying the cheapest car insurance. Therefore, you can always decrease the cost of car insurance in Little Rock by getting quotes from multiple insurers, comparing, and buying the cheapest one. However, your age, the ZIP Code of your area, driving behavior, and credit score can significantly influence car insurance rates.

So, how much does car insurance in Little Rock costs? Which insurer offers cheap car insurance in Little Rock, Arkansas? Our review of Little Rock auto insurance will answer all your queries!

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How Much Does Car Insurance Cost In Little Rock?

A driver must pay around $1,958 to buy car insurance in Little Rock. It is higher than the state average of $1,581 and the national average of $1,557.

Little Rock (annual average) Arkansas (annual average) United States
$1,958 $1,581 $1,557

Our review of Little Rock car insurance includes average rates based on driving record, age, gender, credit score, and ZIP Code. Keep reading to know more about car insurance in Little Rock!

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Little Rock Auto Insurance Premiums By Company

You must get quotes from multiple insurers to find cheap car insurance in Little Rock, Arkansas. Finding the ideal insurer is the key to getting the most affordable car insurance in Little Rock. With an average annual rate of $1,353, Liberty Mutual offers the most affordable Little Rock auto insurance. State Farm is the second lowest, with a yearly average rate of $1,369.

Car insurance company Average Annual Rate
Liberty Mutual $1,353
State Farm $1,369
Southern Farm Bureau $1,692
Shelter $1,697
Progressive $1,891

Comparing the quotes can always be a good option to lower your insurance premiums in Little Rock. Or, you can ask your insurer about the available discounts and use the ones you qualify for.

Little Rock Auto Insurance Premiums By Age Group

Age is always a vital factor that decides how much you pay for auto insurance. Like in most cities, teenagers pay the most for buying car insurance in Little Rock. They need to pay around $7,310 yearly for Little Rock car insurance.

With an average annual rate of $1,716, drivers in their 50s pay the lowest for car insurance in Little Rock. So, expect to pay lower premiums as your age increases.

Age Average Annual Rate
Teens $7,310
20s $2,613
30s $1,899
40s $1,806
50s $1,716
60s $1,776
70s $2,152

Little Rock Auto Insurance Premiums By Marital Status/Gender

Your marital status and gender can influence the insurance premiums you pay in Little Rock. Like in most cities, single drivers pay more for car insurance in Little Rock than married drivers. They pay an average yearly rate of $1,958, $210 more than what married drivers pay. The insurance rates are higher as the insurers see single drivers as riskier and likely to file more claims.

Gender is another factor that will increase or decrease your insurance premiums. For example, in Little Rock, with a yearly average rate of $1,961, female drivers pay more than male drivers.

Gender/Marital Status Average Annual Rate
Male $1,958
Female $1,961
Single $1,958
Married $1,748
Widowed $1,841
Divorced $1,958

Little Rock Auto Insurance Premiums By Driving Record

What is another way by which you can keep the insurance rates low? First, keep a clean driving record! Insurers will offer you cheap car insurance in Little Rock, Arkansas, if your driving record doesn't have driving offenses. However, the rates will increase if your driving record has citations of reckless driving, speeding tickets, at-fault accidents, DUI/DWI, or other offenses.

Reckless driving and DUI/DWI are two citations that will surge the rate of car insurance in Little Rock. These citations will increase the city insurance rate by $2,870 and $2,773, respectively. So, always try to stay out of traffic violations.

Offense Average Annual Rate
Reckless Driving $2,870
DUI/DWI $2,773
Speeding Ticket $2,519
At-Fault Accident (damages < $,1000) $2,790
At-Fault Accident (damages > $2,000) $2,992

Little Rock Auto Insurance Premiums By Credit Rating

It isn't a secret that your credit rating can increase or decrease the rate of car insurance in Little Rock. For instance, a 'Very Poor' (300-579) credit rating will increase your yearly average rate to $3,474. It is $1,516 more than the average city rate. But, having 'Very Good' and 'Exceptional' credit ratings decrease your auto insurance rates to $1,802 and $1,650, respectively.

But you can pay less for car insurance in Little Rock if you have a better credit rating. For instance, moving to a 'Fair' credit rating from 'Very Poor' saves $1,115 on auto insurance rates.

Credit Rating Average Annual Rate
Very Poor $3,474
Fair $2,359
Good $1,958
Very Good $1,802
Exceptional $1,650

Little Rock Auto Insurance Premiums By ZIP Code

Always be aware that Little Rock auto insurance rates can change depending on the ZIP code. If you reside in a region with a high risk of theft, crime, and uninsured drivers, be prepared to pay a higher insurance cost. As a result, insurance companies can consider you a high risk to cover if you reside in an area where people don't get along. It might lead to higher rates than a friend living in the next neighborhood.

The following are the rates of car insurance in Little Rock based on some ZIP Codes.

ZIP Code Average Annual Rate
72207 $1,908
72212 $1,939
72211 $1,942
72223 $1,945
72227 $1,961
72201 $2,023
72202 $2,062
72204 $2,137
72205 $1,989
72206 $2,075

Auto insurance in Little Rock: Minimum insurance requirement in Arkansas

Suppose you get caught driving a car in Little Rock without the required insurance coverage. You will earn a penalty of $50-$250 for a first violation, $250-$500 for a second offense, and $500-$1,000 for a third violation. Also, expect to have your license plate taken off, suspend your registration, or car impoundment if you cause an accident.

Like most states, Arkansas mandates that all drivers maintain a minimum level of auto insurance to drive a car legally. For example, no one can drive a car in Arkansas without having the following insurance coverage.

  • Bodily injury liability per person - $25,000
  • Bodily injury liability per accident - $50,000
  • Property damage liability per accident - $25,000

Useful Info For Driving In Little Rock

Since Little Rock is the most populous city in the state, it is fair always to expect good traffic on the roads. Here are some tips for driving a car on city roads.

  • Two main Interstate Highways and four auxiliary Interstates serve the city. North Little Rock is bordered to the north by Interstate 40 (I-40), while I-30 enters the city from the south and ends at I-40 north of the Arkansas River.
  • I-630 runs east-west through the city, connecting west Little Rock with the central business district. I-430 bypasses the city to the west, I-440 serves the eastern portion of Little Rock, including Clinton National Airport, and I-440 serves the city's western half.
  • Before multiplexing with I-30 at the Broadway exit, US 70 parallels I-40 into North Little Rock (exit 141B). US 167 intersects to the southeast with US 65 and I-530.

Auto Theft Statistics in Little Rock

Unfortunately, Little Rock is a city with a high crime rate. As a result, the auto theft rate is much higher than the state average. In 2019, there were around 1,069 auto thefts in the city. The auto theft rate was 538.9 per 100,000 persons, higher than the state average and the national average rate of 219.

When buying car insurance in Little Rock, one with comprehensive coverage is always safe. It will give you sufficient protection if your car gets stolen.

Little Rock theft rate (per 100,000 persons) United States theft rate (per 100,000 persons)
538.9 219

Accident Statistics in Little Rock

The accident rates in the city are also higher than in many cities. In 2019, around 45 vehicles were involved in fatal accidents in the city. On the other hand, 65 persons were involved in fatal accidents, causing 33 fatalities. Also, there were 11 fatal accidents involving drunk persons, with 12 pedestrians involved in fatal accidents in Little Rock.

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Car Insurance Companies in Little Rock, AR

To get cheap car insurance quotes in Little Rock, Arkansas, you must compare quotes from multiple insurers. That's how you can find the best insurer in the city. Additionally, our car insurance agents in Little Rock can assist you in understanding the state's most complex insurance laws and terms, discounts, and coverages. Therefore, contact our vehicle insurance agents if you want to purchase the top and most affordable auto insurance in Little Rock.

These are some of the major insurance providers in the area.

Liberty Mutual Safeco
State Farm Amica
Southern Farm Bureau Dairyland
Shelter Mercury
Progressive Direct Auto
Travelers Mapfre
USAA Kemper
Farmers Auto-Owners

Driving Conditions in Little Rock

  • Driving conditions are fair.
  • Little Rock traffic is easy to navigate.
  • On average, there are 103 rainy days per year. Rain averages 51 inches.
  • Snowfall averages almost four inches.

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

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Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with


What is the cheapest place to get car insurance in Little rock?

Our research found that areas with ZIP Code 72202 have the cheapest car insurance in Little Rock. On average, auto insurance costs around $1,908.

How much is car insurance in Little Rock?

On average, car insurance in Little Rock costs you around $1,958 yearly.

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Learn more by city and state for car insurance

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