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Car Insurance for Newark

Residents of Newark, the state's most populated city, pay greater car insurance premiums than residents of other parts of the state. When calculating your annual policy payment, factors such as your age, gender, your vehicle’s make and model, driving record, and even credit score (depending on your area) can all be taken into account.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Newark?

In Newark, New Jersey, car insurance costs an average of $2,421 a year. This is more expensive than the state average of $1,604 and the national average of $1,560.

Newark Annual Average Utah Annual Average United States
$2,421 $1,604 $1,560

Newark Auto Insurance Rates by Company

Comparing prices from numerous providers and selecting the insurer that best meets your coverage needs is one of the most effective methods to save money on auto insurance. New Jersey Manufacturers have the lowest premiums in Newark for the average insurance buyer. The finest inexpensive insurance alternatives in Newark are shown below. Remember to get car insurance rates that are tailored to your specific driving profile.

Companies in Newark Average Annual Average
New Jersey Manufacturers $1799
Travelers $2338
All State $2635
Palisades $2675

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Newark Auto Insurance Premium Rates by Age Group

The lowest vehicle insurance rates in Newark are paid by drivers in their 60s, who pay an average of $2,104 each year. Senior drivers pay somewhat higher rates – $2,120 per year.

Teenagers have the highest vehicle insurance rates in Newark. One of the simplest methods to reduce your auto insurance costs as a Newark driver is to pass your adolescent years. In Newark, the gap in rates paid by teenage drivers and drivers in their 20s is $3417, the biggest disparity of any age group.

Age Group Average Annual Rate
Teenagers $9629
20s $3417
30s $2848
40s $2342
50s $2232
60s $2104
70s $2120

Newark Auto Insurance Premium Rates by Marital Status

The gender and marital status of a driver may have an impact on the vehicle insurance prices that they pay in some situations. Car insurance is typically less expensive for married drivers than for single drivers. Married drivers in Newark pay $115 less for car insurance than single drivers. Widows' insurance is also significantly less expensive than singles' insurance. Widowed people pay less for insurance in Newark than single people.

Marital Status Average Annual Rate
Single $2306
Married $2306
Divorced $2412
Widowed $2402

Newark Auto Insurance Premium Rates by Gender

Another element that influences auto insurance rates is gender. In Newark, female drivers pay $68 more per year for car insurance than male drivers.

Gender Average Annual Rate
Male $2489
Female $2421

Newark Auto Insurance Premium Rates by Driving Records

Maintaining a clean driving record is a smart strategy to keep your auto insurance rates low no matter where you live. Insurance rate increases can be triggered by speeding tickets, reckless driving fines, DUIs and DWIs, and at-fault accidents.

Reckless driving and DUI are two of the most expensive driving offenses when it comes to insurance. When compared to the citywide average, a reckless driving citation in Newark leads to an increase in insurance rates. A DUI conviction leads ads to a $1,884 rate increase, whereas a speeding citation results in a $958 rate rise.

Incident/ Violation Average Annual Rate
DUI/ DWI $4305
Reckless driving $3903
At-fault accident (damages <$1000) $3026
At-fault accident (damages >$1000) $3658
Speeding ticket (16-20 mph overspeed limit) $3379

Newark Auto Insurance Premium Rates by Credit Score

The credit score of a driver has a strong correlation with their auto insurance prices. Newark drivers who improve their credit score from the "Very Poor" (300-579) to the "Exceptional" (800-850) grade see a 70% reduction in vehicle insurance premiums. Moving from "Very Poor" to "Fair" credit is a significant step toward lower vehicle insurance premiums. Improving your credit to "Fair" in Newark might save you $2,838 on your annual insurance costs.

Credit Score Average Annual Rate
Very Poor $6087
Fair $3249
Good $2421
Very Good $2145
Exceptional $1854

Newark Auto Insurance Premium Rates by Zip Code

Although it may appear that insurance costs in Newark should be uniform, the area in which you live can have an impact on your vehicle insurance charges. 

Auto insurance prices may change by zip code, even if they are in the same municipal region, due to differences in accident and property crime rates within a city. Residents in 07104, 07112, 07103, 07105, and 07106 will pay the least.

Zip code Average Annual Rate
07104 $1014
07103 $1038
07107 $1386
07106 $1578
07105 $2286

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What would increase the car insurance in Newark?

Car insurance costs in Newark are influenced by a variety of factors, including

  • individual driver needs
  • Driver history
  • location-specific considerations such as personal injury protection coverage requirements
  • percentage of uninsured motorists.

Auto theft Statistics in Newark

In 2018, the motor vehicle theft rate in Newark, NJ was 713.89 per 100,000 people, down 15.34% from 2017.

In 2017, the motor vehicle theft rate in Newark, NJ was 843.22 per 100,000 people, up 11.84 percent from 2016.

In 2016, the motor vehicle theft rate in Newark, NJ was 753.95 per 100,000 people, down 12.76 percent from 2014.

In 2014, the motor vehicle theft rate in Newark, NJ was 864.18 per 100,000 people, down 16.91 percent from 2013.

Accident Statistics in Newark

Newark Ranks 143rd/200 in most accidents with fatalities.

  2016 2017 2018 2019
Fatal accident count 27 25 21 22
Vehicles involved 40 41 31 37
Accidents with DUI 6 5 3 4
Fatalities 28 26 22 23
People involved in fatal accidents 75 44 32 43
Pedestrians 18 14 13 12

Useful Information for Driving in Newark

Major Highways - I-78U.S. 22I-280

Public Transit -NY Transit Bus, NJ Transit Train, NJ Transit Light Rail

Turn roads - NJ Turnpike Newark Bay Extension

Ridesharing - Uber in Newark

Parking - city of Newark parking

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

The auto insurance rates published in this guide are based on the results of research completed by’s data team. Using a mix of public and internal data, we analyzed millions of rate averages across U.S. ZIP codes.

Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with


How much car insurance do I need in Newark?

Your vehicle insurance rates are affected by where you reside in Newark. Aside from your driving record and credit score, where you live is one of the most important factors in determining your vehicle insurance premiums. What is the explanation for this? Theft, crime, and uninsured drivers differ by ZIP code. If you live in an area where people don't get along, vehicle insurance companies may consider you a high risk to cover, which means your premiums may be higher than those of a neighbor down the street. Newark, regrettably, is not an exception to the rule. Premiums increase by 22%, or $482, from ZIP code 07003 to 07017.

How much is renters' insurance in Newark?

Renters insurance in Newark costs an average of $198 per year.

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Learn more by city and state for car insurance

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