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Chevrolet car insurance – Introduction

Since 1911, Chevrolet has been an important part of American car culture. They make a wide range of cars, from the electric Bolt EV and EUV to the high-performance Corvette Stingray. For many years, the Chevrolet Silverado line of pickups has been one of the top three vehicles sold in the U.S., competing for the top spot with the Ford F-Series and Ram Truck lines. This dominance has a significant impact on the insurance premium.

Key takeaways

  • Chevy owners pay an average of $1,728 a year for car insurance which is almost 17% more than what car insurance usually costs.
  • A sporty Chevrolet Corvette will probably cost more than twice as much to insure as a Chevrolet Spark from the same year.

The history of Chevrolet

On November 3, 1911, in Detroit, the Chevrolet Motor Car Company was started. It was started by a Swiss race car driver and car engineer named Louis Chevrolet and William C. Durant, who had been kicked out of General Motors.

Chevrolet is one of the most popular and well-known car brands in the U.S., so it's surprising that so few drivers in the North Pole area know much about the company's history.

Etienne Planche made the Series C Classic Six, which was based on plans made by Louis Chevrolet. At the 1913 New York Auto Show, the first Series C Classic Six made for sale was shown.

Chevy's motto, "a car for every purse and every purpose," is just as true today as it was in 1919. Whether you're looking for a smart, fuel-efficient compact like the Chevy Cruze, a competitive SUV like the Trax, or a tough pickup truck like the Silverado, there's a Chevy model that will fit your lifestyle and your budget.

Chevrolet current market stats

Chevrolet made a total of $76.3 billion around the world in 2020, while the total market revenue was $1.6 trillion. In 2020, Pickup Trucks, the largest type of passenger car, made up 29% of Chevrolet's revenue.

The Large SUVs segment was Chevrolet's second biggest market. It brought in 28% of the company's income in 2020. In terms of market share by revenue, Toyota (10.6%), Ford (7.3%), and Nissan (6.7%) are the top three companies in the world. Chevrolet had a market share of 4.7%.

How much does Chevrolet car insurance cost?

Chevy owners pay an average of $1,728 a year for car insurance. This is almost 17 percent more than what car insurance usually costs. Your insurance rate is based on a lot of things, but the make and model of the car you drive is one of the biggest.

Factors affecting the Chevrolet car insurance premium

  • Adapted cruise control: This feature lets you stay behind the car in front of you by a certain number of feet. If the person in front of you stops, so will your car.
  • Forward collision alert: Forward collision alert is a feature that uses sensors to warn the driver when the car in front of them is getting too close. If you are driving close to another car without stopping, your car will sound an alarm. The forward collision warning won't stop for you.
  • Teen driver safety measures: One of these features is called "Buckle-to-Drive," and it keeps the driver from starting the car until the seatbelt is fastened.

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Chevrolet car insurance: By model

Vehicle model Average annual premium
Avalanche $1,422
Aveo $1,434
Bolt EV $1,806
Camaro $1,818
Captiva Sport $1,314
City Express Cargo $1,410
Colorado $1,482
Corvette $2,550
Corvette Stingray $2,754
Cruze $1,566
Cruze Limited $1,506
Equinox $1,506
Express $1,470
Express Cutaway $1,602
HHR $1,290
Impala $1,650
Impala Limited $1,590
Impala Limited Police $1,602
Malibu $1,662
Malibu Limited $1,554
Silverado $1,770
Silverado 1500 Hybrid $1,638
Silverado 2500HD $1,494
Silverado 3500HD $1,554
Silverado 3500HD CC $1,554
Sonic $1,554
Spark $1,446
Spark EV $1,794
SS $2,346
Suburban $1,782
Tahoe $1,698
Tahoe Hybrid $1,782
Traverse $1,518
Trax $1,446
Volt $1,710

Is Chevrolet car insurance expensive?

Compared to four of its biggest competitors, the average annual cost of car insurance for a Chevrolet is $1 more than for a Ford, $126 less than for a Ram, $2 less than for a Toyota, and $70 less than for a Nissan. Also, the average Chevy costs $84 more per year to insure than a Honda, $139 more than a Mazda, and $27 more than a Kia.

Since GMC is just a higher-end Chevy with a different logo, we don't really think of them as competitors since their sales go to the same GM account. But to finish the comparison, the average Chevy rate is $98 less per year than the average GMC rate.

Chevrolet car insurance cost vs. Popular automotive brands

Automotive brand Insurance cost Difference
Chevrolet $1,728 --
Acura $1,948 $220
Audi $2,263 $535
BMW $2,289 $561
Cadillac $1,841 $113
Dodge $2,197 $469
Ford $1,727 -$1
Genesis $2,017 $289
GMC $1,826 $98
Honda $1,644 -$84
Hyundai $1,717 -$11
Infiniti $2,113 $385
Jeep $1,861 $133
Kia $1,701 -$27
Lexus $2,002 $274
Lincoln $1,896 $168
Mazda $1,589 -$139
Mercedes-Benz $2,302 $574
Mitsubishi $1,802 $74
Nissan $1,798 $70
Ram $1,854 $126
Subaru $1,642 -$86
Tesla $2,152 $424
Toyota $1,730 $2
Volkswagen $1,670 -$58
Volvo $1,844 $116

Cheapest Chevrolet vehicles to insure in 2022

The list below shows how much it costs on average to insure each of the five models.

  • Chevrolet Trailblazer – Average yearly rate around $1,192
  • Chevrolet Colorado – Average yearly rate around $1,268
  • Chevrolet Express – Average yearly rate around $1,274
  • Chevrolet Spark – Average yearly rate around $1,334
  • Chevrolet Trax – Average yearly rate around $1,398

Cheapest Chevrolet car insurance companies

Both liability-only and full coverage annual premiums are the least expensive with USAA. If you don't qualify for USAA (they only offer insurance to military members, veterans, and their families), Progressive and State Farm are the next cheapest in the list. But you should know that rates vary by driver and depend on your own needs, so the cheapest option for you may be different.

Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

Company Average annual premium
USAA $1,550
Progressive $1,646
Nationwide $1,662
State Farm $1,878
Allied $2,356
Allstate $2,640

Chevrolet Corvette

Company Average annual premium
Nationwide $1,132
Allied $1,360
USAA $1,511
Progressive $1,599
State Farm $1,889
Allstate $2,093

Chevy Bolt

Company Average annual premium
USAA $1,271
State Farm $1,426
Progressive $1,588
Nationwide $1,621
Allstate $2,023
Allied $2,193

Chevrolet Camaro SS

Company Average annual premium
USAA $1,171
Progressive $1,478
Nationwide $1,558
State Farm $1,683
Allstate $1,771
Allied $1,781

Chevrolet Camaro

Company Average annual premium
USAA $1,144
Progressive $1,361
Nationwide $1,502
State Farm $1,541
Allied $1,706
Allstate $1,794

Chevy Tahoe

Company Average annual premium
USAA $1,214
Progressive $1,256
State Farm $1,260
Nationwide $1,297
Allied $1,514
Allstate $1,588

Chevrolet Cruze

Company Average annual premium
USAA $1,024
Progressive $1,157
State Farm $1,305
Nationwide $1,451
Allstate $1,564
Allied $1,696

Chevy Malibu

Company Average annual premium
USAA $1,068
Progressive $1,246
State Farm $1,253
Nationwide $1,381
Allstate $1,479
Allied $1,641

Chevy Silverado

Company Average annual premium
USAA $1,084
Progressive $1,147
State Farm $1,246
Nationwide $1,372
Allstate $1,457
Allied $1,527

Chevy Equinox

Company Average annual premium
USAA $1,023
Progressive $1,057
State Farm $1,177
Nationwide $1,264
Allstate $1,375
Allied $1,482

Chevrolet car insurance: By coverage

Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet Cruze car insurance Average annual premium
Minimum coverage $533
Full coverage $1,654

Chevrolet Malibu

Chevrolet Malibu car insurance Average annual premium
Minimum coverage $509
Full coverage $1,752

Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet Silverado car insurance Average annual premium
Minimum coverage $592
Full coverage $1,699

Chevy Equinox

Chevrolet Equinox car insurance Average annual premium
Minimum coverage $503
Full coverage $1,474

Chevrolet car insurance: By state

State Average annual premium
Alabama $1,895
Alaska $1,569
Arizona $1,774
Arkansas $1,938
California $2,159
Colorado $2,018
Connecticut $2,578
Delaware $2,136
Florida $2,536
Georgia $2,069
Hawaii $831
Idaho $1,439
Illinois $1,507
Indiana $1,549
Iowa $1,223
Kansas $1,627
Kentucky $2,355
Louisiana $3,022
Maine $1,147
Maryland $1,847
Massachusetts $1,482
Michigan $3,577
Minnesota $1,475
Mississippi $1,781
Missouri $1,679
Montana $1,701
Nebraska $1,439
Nevada $2,376
New Hampshire $1,655
New Jersey $1,824
New Mexico $1,856
New York $1,721
North Carolina $1,070
North Dakota $1,463
Ohio $1,306
Oklahoma $2,083
Oregon $1,890
Pennsylvania $1,593
Rhode Island $2,661
South Carolina $1,810
South Dakota $1,626
Tennessee $1,904
Texas $1,919
Utah $1,636
Vermont $1,261
Virginia $1,190
Washington $1,566
West Virginia $1,577
Wisconsin $1,575
Wyoming $1,471

Full Coverage vs. Minimum Coverage for your Chevrolet

Your Chevrolet insurance premium will depend on the coverage you choose. Each state has minimum insurance requirements to be met to drive Chevrolet legally.

These liability coverage requirements will protect other drivers if you cause an accident, but neither you nor your car will be covered.

Full coverage

Coverage type Protection offered
Collision coverage Covers the costs associated with collisions with another vehicle or object
Comprehensive coverage Covers costs of damages from an event other than a collision, like a weather event, theft, or vandalism.

Minimum coverage

Coverage type Protection offered
Bodily injury liability (per person and accident) Pays for the costs associated with the injuries you’ve caused to others
Property damage liability (per accident) Pays for the costs associated with the damage you cause to other people’s vehicles or property

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What impacts your insurance costs for Chevrolet

The model of Chevrolet you drive

The model of your car can affect how much you pay for insurance. As was already said, if you choose the smaller Equinox instead of the bigger Chevy Suburban, your insurance costs will be less. Your insurance will be different, even for the same model.

Most models come in different trim levels, which are basically different versions of the same model with different features. Insurance rates can go up if the trim is higher.

Your insurance company

Each insurance company uses its own secret formula to figure out how much to charge for insurance. Try getting quotes from two different companies for the same coverage. You'll likely get two very different prices.

It's a good idea to get quotes from a lot of different insurers and compare them to find the best policy and price. But if you've ever done this, you know it can be boring and take a long time.

Your age

Your age helps insurance companies figure out how much you know and how risky you are. Younger drivers tend to get into more accidents, so they are considered "high-risk" drivers and have to pay more. Car insurance rates tend to be lower for older drivers with more experience.

Your driving record

When deciding on premiums, insurance companies also look at traffic tickets. If you have a few small offences on your record, your insurance rate might go up a little bit.

Serious offences, like driving under the influence or driving carelessly, have a much bigger effect on your rates and will stay on your record for a long time. But your insurance rates are likely to go down if you work on getting better at driving and keep a clean record.

Where you live

You might not realize how much your location can affect your premium. Rates of accidents, crimes, and natural disasters vary by area, as do premiums. Even in the same state, insurance rates for Chevys can be very different.

Your insurer will look at the risks that come with where you live. If there are a lot of car thefts, accidents, or bad weather in your city, you can expect to pay more for your insurance. This is because your insurance company is taking on more risk.

Other car insurance coverage for Chevrolet

Experts say that you should buy more insurance than just the minimum liability limits required by your state. If you have car insurance, you won't have to pay for your own medical bills if you cause an accident or get hurt because of someone else's carelessness.

Even though it's tempting to go with the cheapest car insurance company, make sure they have the coverages and limits you need to protect your finances in case of an accident. Some of Chevrolet's cars are among the least expensive to insure, while others may cost more.

Car insurance depends on more than just the value of the car. It also depends on your driving record, where you live, and crime rates in your area, as well as the make and model of your car. Roadside assistance is a common type of insurance coverage that guarantees help if your car breaks down, runs out of gas, the battery dies, or you lock your keys in the car.

Gap insurance is another option. It pays the difference between what you still owe on your lease and what the car is worth. If you aren't sure what extra coverage you might need, you might want to talk to a licensed insurance agent.

How to get Chevrolet insurance with

Though our information can help you decide where to begin your search for smart auto insurance, comparing personalized quotes with will provide you with an accurate estimate. You can compare premiums instead of gathering insurance quotes from various insurers' websites. Using this quick, free, and simple method is the simplest way to find the best deal.

It is best if you conduct extensive research to find numerous reputable insurers from whom you can obtain smart insurance quotes. However, we can help you by providing you with a list of nearby insurers who can provide you with affordable rates based on variables you can change. Go to our insurance quote page to get started.

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

The auto insurance rates published in this guide are based on the results of research completed by’s data team. Using a mix of public and internal data, we analyzed millions of rate averages across U.S. ZIP codes.

Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with


What do Chevrolets cost to insure on average?

The average cost to insure a Chevrolet is $1,728 per year, but this can change a lot depending on the model and year.

What is the most expensive Chevrolet model to insure?

The most expensive model to insure is the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, which costs an average of $1,965 per year.

What is the cheapest Chevrolet model to insure?

The Chevy Equinox is the least expensive Chevy model to insure, with average annual premiums of $1,172.

Is a Camaro high on insurance?

Camaro drivers pay around an average of $160 per month for car insurance, while all U.S. drivers pay an average of $129 per month.

Is insurance high on a Chevy Cruze?

A Chevrolet Cruze has cheap insurance on average. It usually costs around $1,290 a year, which is $151 less than the average cost of living in the United States.

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