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Car insurance in Seattle, WA - May 2023

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One among the cities known for its traffic congestion, driving, and parking in Seattle can be a tricky affair, if not planned well. Car insurance in Seattle is 22-24% more expensive than the state average. Comparing the quotes and catering policy coverage according to your needs will help you to reduce your premium rates.

How much does car insurance cost in Seattle?

The annual average cost of car insurance in Seattle, Washington, is $1,671 for full coverage. This is more expensive than the average cost in Washington ($1,374) and the national average ($1,561).

Seattle Average (yearly) Washington Average National Average
$1671 $1374 $1561

Here we dive deep into the auto insurance premiums in Seattle through different parameters like age, gender, marital status, driving history, credit scores, location, and companies.

Seattle Auto Insurance Premiums by Company

It is wise to obtain quotes from different car insurance companies before you zero down on your insurance provider. Being a happening city, there are several car insurance companies in Seattle that offer the best deals. Though USAA provides the cheapest insurance rates in Seattle, its services are available only to active and retired military members. Pemco, and Progressive would top the chart for the companies that provide the cheapest insurance rates in Seattle.

Insurance Company Average Yearly Rate
USAA $1086
PEMCO $1328
Progressive $1420
State Farm $1514
Mutual of Enumclaw $1699
Allstate $2155

Seattle Auto Insurance Premiums by Age Group

Teenagers pay the highest insurance rates in Seattle. Drivers in their 50’s and 70’s pay affordable rates between $1473 to $1536 yearly on average.

Age Bracket Average Yearly Rate
Teenagers $7466
20s $2256
30s $1634
40s $1543
50s $1473
60s $1536

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Seattle Auto Insurance Premiums by Marital Status

Marital status is another non-driving factor that can affect your auto insurance premium rates. There is only a menial difference between the auto insurance rates of the single and married drivers of Seattle. But Seattle charges divorced drivers higher rates than married or single drivers.

Marital Status Average Yearly Rate
Married $1593
Single $1593
Divorced $1671
Widowed $1645

Seattle Auto Insurance Premiums by Gender

In Seattle, female drivers tend to pay higher insurance premiums than their male counterparts.

Marital Status Average Yearly Rate
Female $1715
Male $1673

Seattle Auto Insurance Premiums by Driving Record

If you are not a high-risk driver based on your age, then maintaining a clean driving record is an effective way to steer clear of the high-risk category and reduce your premium rates. Speeding and parking tickets, DUI charges, at-fault accidents can all lead to a spike in your insurance rates.

Driving Violation/Incident Average Yearly Rate
At-fault Accidents $2478
DUI/DWI $2421
Reckless Driving $2389
Speeding Tickets $2041

Seattle Auto Insurance Premiums by Credit Rating

Credit or FICO scores play an important role in determining your insurance premium rates. Though Washington temporarily prohibits the use of credit scores to calculate car insurance rates, these were in use in cities including Seattle until recently.

Seattle Auto Insurance Premiums by Zip Code

Accident rates, population density, and crime rates of each neighborhood in your city also govern your premium rates. In Seattle, Downtown is the cheapest and Reinier Valley pays the highest rates on minimum policy coverage.

ZIP code Neighborhood Average Yearly rate
98101 Downtown $836
98102 Eastlake / Cascade $887
98103 Woodland Park / Green Lake $893
98104 SoDo / Downtown $870
98105 University District $908
98106 Riverview / Delridge $947
98107 Adams / Ballard $888
98109 Westlake / Cascade $870
98112 Central Area $888
98115 Bryant $931
98116 North Admiral / West Seattle $911
98117 Loyal Heights / Ballard $888
98118 Seward Park / Rainier Valley $988
98119 Queen Anne $876
98121 Belltown $851
98122 Minor $895
98125 Victory Heights / Lake City $937
98126 High Point $938
98131 SoDo / Downtown $915
98132 SoDo / Downtown $915
98133 Shoreline $925
98134 Industrial District $918
98136 Seaview / West Seattle $917
98144 Atlantic / Central Area $955
98154 SoDo / Downtown $879
98158 SeaTac $947
98161 CBD / Downtown $895
98164 SoDo / Downtown $887
98174 SoDo / Downtown $904
98177 Broadview $915
98195 University of Washington $907
98199 Magnolia $875

What would increase your car insurance rates in Seattle?

The trend in the increase of insurance costs in Seattle is influenced by factors like the number of uninsured motorists and the rate of car thefts, in addition to individual driving and non-driving factors including the driving history.

Auto Theft Statistics in Seattle

The Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metro area has one of the highest rates of auto theft in the country. In 2020, the FBI reported 18,428 vehicle thefts in the metro region, or 457 per 100,000 inhabitants, significantly higher than the national rate of 246 per 100,000. It was reported that there have been 12,569 thefts in the state from the beginning of 2022 to the date.

Accident Statistics in Seattle

Though there has been a decline in road accident rates from 9.7% in 2020, Seattle has witnessed a 0.7% increase in fatal and serious injury accidents in 2021. Seattle is a populous metro city ranking 6 in the cities known for traffic congestion. It also ranks low in terms of driver safety. Seattle drivers make an auto insurance claim once every 7.7 years on average.

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Be prepared for driving in Seattle

Exhaustive rates of traffic congestion

Driving through the roads of Seattle can be a slow and exhaustive affair, considering the density of traffic in the city. It ranks seventh as a city with congested traffic conditions.

Map your routes for one-way

It is important to listen to your GPS and map your root prior to your journey if you are new to the place. With a decent number of one-ways, missing out on even one can affect the time taken for your journey.

Be weather-ready

A milder climate with frequent rainfalls is characteristic of Seattle. One should be prepared to deal with wet roads and the congestion that arises due to this. Snow-covered roads might not be common in Seattle, but if it occurs the roads can be icy and dangerous to drive.

Make use of the grid plan

Keeping aside the congestion, the grid-like city plan helps you find your way around. It helps you to stay on track without getting lost.

Book a spot to park your car

If you are driving around in Seattle, having a spot booked prior to your drive can save you time and money.

Follow the rules to avoid tickets

Avoid tickets at all rates to maintain a clean driving record. Steer clear of everything in your hands except the steering. You can easily land on a ticket if you are texting or holding your phone.

Best Car Insurance Companies in Seattle

These are the important car insurance companies in Seattle.

Insurance Companies in Seattle
State Farm
Mutual of Enumclaw

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

The auto insurance rates published in this guide are based on the results of research completed by’s data team. Using a mix of public and internal data, we analyzed millions of rate averages across U.S. ZIP codes.

Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with


How much is car insurance in Seattle?

The average yearly rate for full policy coverage in Seattle is $1671 which is more expensive than the state average. The yearly rate for minimum coverage in Seattle is $908 per year.

How much is car insurance in Seattle per month?

All drivers in the state of Washington are required by law to carry a minimum of bodily injury coverage. The car insurance rate in Seattle per month for minimum coverage is $81 and $140 for full coverage on average.

How much is insurance on a new car in Seattle?

Newer vehicles are often more expensive to insure than older ones, as they are more valuable and hence more costly to replace. If you carry comprehensive and collision coverage the rates tend to be higher.

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