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Tacoma, Washington, has a population of approximately 212,000, with an average travel time of around 30 minutes. With so much time spent in the car, having adequate auto insurance in Tacoma is essential. 

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Tacoma?

The average car insurance policy in Tacoma is $1,704 per year. This is more expensive than the state average in Washington ($1,380) and the national average of $1,560. Insurance in Tacoma also depends on your marital status, age, credit score, and other criteria. 

Tacoma Annual Average Washington Annual Average United States
$1704 $1380 $1560

Tacoma Auto Insurance Rates by Company

The difference in auto insurance premiums from one company to the next might be significant. However, for the average driver, USAA has the best prices in Tacoma.

Companies in Tacoma Average Annual Average
USAA $1067
PEMCO Insurance $1159
Progressive $1557
State Farm $1678
All State $2264

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Tacoma Auto Insurance Premium Rates by Age Group

The age group that pays the least for vehicle insurance in Tacoma is those in their 50s, who pay an average of $1508 per year. The cost of insurance for Tacoma drivers in their 60s is likewise quite low, at $1570 per year.

Teenagers are the Tacoma drivers who pay the highest insurance prices. Getting out of your adolescent years is one of the simplest methods to cut your auto insurance rates as a driver in Tacoma. In Tacoma, the gap in rates paid by teenage drivers and drivers in their 20s is $5258, the biggest disparity of any age group.

Age Bracket Average Annual Rate
Teenagers $7536
20s $2293
30s $1668
40s $1579
50s $1508
60s $1570
70s $2007

Tacoma Auto Insurance Premium Rates by Marital Status

In many circumstances, marital status plays a role in vehicle insurance costs. In general, married drivers pay less for vehicle insurance than single drivers. In Tacoma, married drivers pay $77 less for car insurance than single drivers. Rates for widowed people are likewise significantly lower than for single people. Insurance rates for widowed people in Tacoma are lower than for single people. 

Marital Status Average Annual Rate
Single $1627
Married $1627
Divorced $1704
Widowed $1677

Tacoma Auto Insurance Premium Rates by Gender

Gender is also a factor in auto insurance premiums. Female drivers in Tacoma pay more for car insurance than male drivers: $49 per year, to be exact. 

Gender Average Annual Rate
Male $1704
Female $1753

Tacoma Auto Insurance Premium Rates by Incident History

Avoiding accidents and tickets is the greatest method to keep your vehicle insurance rates low, no matter where you reside. Insurance rate increases can be triggered by speeding tickets, reckless driving fines, DUIs and DWIs, and at-fault accidents.

DUI and reckless driving are two of the most expensive citations to receive. When compared to the citywide average, careless drivers in Tacoma risk an increase in insurance rates of $720 per year. For example, a DUI conviction can result in a rate rise of $756, while a speeding ticket might result in a rate increase of $372. 

Incident Average Annual Rate
DUI/ DWI $2460
Reckless driving $2424
At fault accident (damages <$1000) $2231
At fault accident (damages >$2000) $2521
Speeding ticket (16-20 mph overspeed limit) $2077

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Tacoma Auto Insurance Premium Rates by Credit Score

In many circumstances, a driver's credit score is linked to their vehicle insurance premiums. Drivers in Tacoma who raise their credit score from "Very Poor" (300-579) to "Exceptional" (800-850) can save up to 61 percent on their car insurance. One of the most effective steps a driver can take in the pursuit of lower auto insurance premiums is to move from the "Very Poor" credit tier to the "Fair" credit tier. Improving your credit to "Fair" in Tacoma results in a $1,347 reduction in annual vehicle insurance prices. 

Credit score Average Annual Rate
Very poor $3434
Fair $2087
Good $1704
Very Good $1531
Excellent $1357

Tacoma Auto Insurance Premium Rates by Zip Code

Zip code Average Annual Rate
98433 $1793
98408 $1500
98444 $1224
98445 $1500
98404 $1368
98466 $1332
98409 $1392
98406 $1164
98446 $1056

What would increase the car insurance in Tacoma?

  • Accidents with fatalities
  • Car thefts
  • Uninsured motorists
  • Personal injury protection
  • Annual Rainfall
  • Rainy days

Auto theft Statistics in Tacoma

Tacoma ranks 5th/ 25 cities in terms of Auto theft

Fatal car crash and road traffic accident statistics in Tacoma 

Criteria Average Count per year(2016-2019)
Fatal accident 16
Vehicles involved in fatal accidents 26
Fatal accidents involving drunk people 3
Fatalities 17
Persons involved in fatal accidents 35
Pedestrians involved in fatal accidents 6

Useful Information for Driving in Tacoma

Tacoma traffic can be the stuff of nightmares, but understanding how to escape the worst of it is essential to getting through the remaining parts of it. Here are some pointers to handle it expertly: 

  • If at all possible, avoid rush hour. Rush hour made a brutal comeback in 2021, to the terror of urban areas. Even while rush-hour traffic in the Seattle metro area isn't as severe as it was before COVID, the statistics are nonetheless startling. Avoid driving between 6:30 am and 9:00 am and 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm to avoid the worst of it.
  • When possible, take detours. Everything can appear to be a side road in a metropolis like Tacoma. You can travel side roads like Sprague and Tacoma Ave to get where you're going more quickly.
  • Implement a traffic app. Applications from TomTom, Google Maps, and Waze all let you view real-time traffic statistics and provide ideas for avoiding traffic jams. Individual apps that enable traffic updates are also available from regional news outlets in the Seattle metro area.
  • Remain composed, concentrated, and back off. If you get into an accident, you won't get anywhere, therefore when you are strolled in traffic, try to see it as a chance to unwind. Once you're stuck, there's nothing you can do, so take a deep breath and unwind.

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Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

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How much is car insurance a month in Tacoma Washington?

Tacoma drivers pay about $90 per month for vehicle insurance.

How to get the Best Car Insurance Companies in Tacoma

Certain insurers will provide you with better rates than others based on a variety of characteristics, so you may get a better bargain from one insurer over another for numerous reasons, which is why it's critical to shop around. 

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